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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!

Virtual Lacrosse Summit

It's that time of year again!  It's time for another Virtual Lacrosse Summit!  The Shark Week of Lacrosse.  Starting Monday 10am ET we will have an incredible line up of  webinars!  As usual, we have men's lacrosse, women's lacrosse,  box lacrosse, field lacrosse, leadership and strength and conditioning from college coaches, HS coaches, pro players and more!  Click here to register for the Summit!

Here's the line up of presenters. 

  1. Darris Kilgour: Breaking Down The Saskatchewan Rush Defense, HOF player, Championship coach,
  2. Kayla Treanor: Player Breakdown, Assistant Coach Boston College
  3. Jules Heningberg: Player Breakdown, PLL Redwoods
  4. Andy Hilgartner: Pre Season Practice Plan, Head Coach McDonogh School
  5. Kip Turner: Kip's Elite 8 of Trendsetting Goalies, Assistant Coach Virginia
  6. Dan Dawson, NLL Rock, One of the greatest ever to play box lacrosse.
  7. Jim Bishop, The Adanac Offense: a Breakdown of the 2018 Minto Cup, OC Coquitlam Adanacs
  8. Kelly Amonte-Hiller, Favorite Drills, Head Coach Northwestern 
  9. Jake Bernhardt: Zone Offense, Offensive Coordinator Vermont
  10. Andrew Towers: AT's First Team All-Americans
  11. Paul Day: 2man Game, Head Coach and GM, Philadelphia Wings
  12. Ryder Garnsey: The most interesting player in the game, PLL Redwoods
  13. Jim Mitchell: The Main Things: Offensive Principles for 2020
  14. Tim McCormack: Transition Drills, Head Coach Arizona State
  15. Mike Boyle: Strength & Conditioning For Lacrosse 101
  16. Bryan Kelly, Read & React Part 2, Head Coach Calvert Hall
  17. Christian Delbianco, Reading NLL Shooters, 2nd Team All-Pro Goalie, Calgary Roughnecks
  18. Darren Reisig, The Claremont Offense, Head Coach Claremont Secondary School Victoria, BC
  19. Joe Keegan: Using Big-Littles to Unlock the 4v4, Writer and Stats Analyst for PLL
  20. Glen Miles, Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot, Hall of Fame player from Navy, long time HS coach, Leadership Development expert.

I have pre-recorded a number of these webinars and so far I can tell you they are INCREDIBLE!  We will also be performing live on a bunch which makes for fun Q&A!

Lacrosse Live

A new initiative I've begun in 2020 is Lacrosse Live on Facebook.  I am doing daily interviews with a ton of interesting personalities from the lacrosse world.   These interviews are short form version of the Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcast with fun conversation, great stories, and deep dives into a variety interesting lacrosse topics.

Here's a list of my first few interviews with some highlights!

Dom Starsia: Legendary Coach of Brown and Virginia, former PLL Chrome boss.  Dom tells great stories, none better than how he came up with the title of his new book, "I hope you will be very happy."  Great interview!

Seanny Allen: Seanny is one of the funniest human beings on the planet who has been a coach, GM, and scout in Box Lacrosse in Canada at literally every level from Tyke all the way up to NLL.  Learn about how minor lacrosse in Canada works!  Click here for Seanny!

Gene Ubriaco: Head Coach of the Loyola Dons of the MIAA conference, great insights into how he prepares his team in the pre season with a heavy emphasis on culture, box lacrosse, and 3x.  Click here to listen to Gene!

Liam Banks: Syracuse All-American, Founder of LB3, and Head Coach of the Atlanta Blaze.   Liam provides great insights into the talent on the Blaze including breakdowns on what makes Randy Staats, Kyle Jackson, Mark Matthews, and ...... so special.  We also talk girls lacrosse ..... Find out what club team Liam's daughter plays for!  Great stuff here!

Scott Hiller: 4x Umass All-American, USA Team 1994, currently coaches Northwestern Women's Lacrosse with his wife Kelly.  Scotty is simply one of the smartest lacrosse minds in the game.  Click here for Scotty's Live!

John Paul: Former Head Coach PLL Atlas and the University of Michigan.  John is as thoughtful of a person as you will find in the lacrosse world.  Click here for JP's Lacrosse Live!

Dave Kotowski: my college roommate and Founder of Team Elevate Lacrosse, one of the top girls lacrosse clubs in the nation, and The Lacrosse Business Network.  Dave is a great guy and a great coach!  Learn Dave's keys to women's lacrosse college recruiting.  This is a great convo!

Kenny Broschart: Offensive Coordinator High Point University.  Kenny dives into how he's preparing the Panthers who have a legitimate Tewaaraton Candidate in Asher Nolting.  If you're a coach, you want to listen to this one!  KB is the man!

John Hogarth: Founder of LacrosseFLIX and CTO of JM3 Sports.  Lacrosse Live and the Virtual Lacrosse Summits were his idea.  John works in cyber security for the US Government and is a digital marketing expert and lacrosse fanatic!  John played at NY Tech.  Click here!

The Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcast

18 months ago I started doing a podcast.  I had never done one and really had no idea what I was doing.  However, for my entire adult life I have been having interesting conversations about lacrosse.  Finally, I started recording them!  The podcast has grown in popularity and has acquired a solid following with about 230K listens.

My typical format has been to learn about my guests lacrosse journey as a player and coach.  You will be blown away by the amount of incredible mentors these people have had and their journeys are fascinating!

Lars Tiffany Podcast!

This was one of my favorite podcasts to do because Lars is so fun to talk lacrosse with.  As former teammates and captains of the 1989 Brown Team,   Lars and I have talked a lot of lacrosse over the years and we are both life long learners.  You will be able to hear it in Lars's voice the excitement over a statement I made, "Skills are solutions," as he repeated a few times!  A big part of our conversation is about letting go as a coach.  The chemistry Lars and I have is fun!  I think you will love this podcast.


Podcast Rankings:

Top 10 all-time most played podcasts from Sound Clou

  1. Jim Berkman, Legendary Salisbury Head Coach, All I can say about this pod is, "Wow!"
  2. Sean Kirwan, Virginia Offensive Coordinator
  3. Greg Raymond, Hobart Head Coach, Click here to listen!
  4. Matt Karweck, Colgate Head Coach  Click here for Karweck pod
  5. Gerry Byrne, Harvard Head Coach, (interview from when he was Defensive Coordinator Notre Dame), Defensive knowledge dropped like only GB can!
  6. Ty Xanders, Lacrosse Recruiting Guru (see links below!)
  7. Andy Shay, Head Coach Yale University, Smartest guy in lacrosse!
  8. Terry Foy, Editor in Chief Inside Lacrosse, Click here for Foy pod!
  9. Brian Holman, Head Coach Utah, You will love this podcast!
  10. Dan Chemotti, Head Coach Richmond Click here to listen.


Top 10 Most Interesting Podcasts;

  1. Darris Kilgour: NLL Hall of Fame, won championships as coach and player.  Darris is the smartest lacrosse mind I know.  Such a sick podcast!
  2. Scotty Marr, Head Coach Albany, must listen podcast!
  3. Ted Kroeten: Founder of Joy of the People, this podcast changed my view of coaching entirely.  Click here for Kroeten Pod!
  4. Kelly Amonte-Hiller, Head Coach Northwestern University, has won 7 NCAA Championships and continues to evolve. Click here and you will see why Kelly has won so much!
  5. Brian McCormack: Head Coach of Brower College Women's Basketball.  This podcast will make you think hard about why you do what you do as a coach.  Click here!
  6. Joe Spallina: Joe has had phenomenal success in men's and women's lacrosse and when you listen, you will know why!  This pod is awesome!
  7. Mike Boyle: a world renowned strength and conditioning coach.  His model on speed development is brilliant! Click here to listen!
  8. Joe Alberici: Head Coach Army, one of the best guys in the business!  Click here to learn about what it's like at military academies!
  9. Hannah Nielson, Head Coach University of Michigan, one of the greatest women's coaches ever to play.  Click here to listen.
  10. Greg Cannella: Head Coach UMass, such a great history lesson on lacrosse in New England.  Click here for a great listen!

College Lacrosse Recruiting

Every Phi-Lacrosse-ophy podcast i perform with a college coach has a portion dedicated to a discussion about recruiting!  Find out what college coaches are looking for position by position, what is important to them, the things they hate,  how they find players, the importance of advocates and much more!  in addition, I have several podcasts dedicated to the topic of College Lacrosse Recruiting.

Boys lacrosse recruiting expert, Ty Xanders who has been doing this at the highest level for 10 years works for Inside Lacrosse and is the key figure in all recruiting rankings.  These two podcasts cover everything you're going to need to know!

Ty Xanders Part 1

Ty Xanders Part 2

Girls lacrosse recruiting is a relationship driven process and no one has more experience than Magarity who runs HHH Lacrosse, a club out of Philly.  Colleen was an All-American and 3x National Champion at Northwestern, played pro, and coached at Colorado for 3 seasons before leaving college coaching to move back home to Philly.  These two podcasts will tell you everything you need to know! 

Colleen Magarity Part 1

Colleen Magarity Part 2

College Lacrosse Recruiting is something I've been a part of from every angle.  I coached college lacrosse for 20 years and recruited classes ranked by Inside Lacrosse three times.  I founded and built the biggest club organization in the world in 3d Lacrosse where we sent hundreds of players to college lacrosse.  I have coached HS boys and girls lacrosse and been an an advocate for dozens of my players.  Finally, I have three kids all of whom have gone through the college lacrosse recruiting process.  I think you will like this podcast.

Jamie Munro Recruiting Episode


Have a great weekend! 




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