A Lacrosse Weekend 1.12.19

Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you find it enjoyable.


I write you to this morning from the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott at the US Lacrosse Convention. It's always fun to see so many blasts from the past at this event, to feel the energy of 8000 lacrosse coaches, players, fans, and kids, as well as have the opportunity to listen and learn from some of the game's brightest minds.

There are endless presentations and live demos from pro players, college, HS, and pro coaches, box lacrosse, men's lacrosse and women's lacrosse.... it's an extravaganza!

Box on the Field

I will be doing a live demo at 4:45 today showing how to use box lacrosse drills and concepts to teach valuable lessons on the field. I will have a group of 14 year olds who I've never met, but I'm told are pretty good! I will do my best to mobilize the kids quickly and let the drills do the coaching. I hope those in attendance can get something out of it! Here's the practice plan:

      • 2 man passing variations
      • Snake shooting
      • Off ball 1v1’s 4 second shot clock
      • 3v2 keep away: tight, split/clear/follow, Nations
      • 4v3 Claremont
      • 2v2 Cut the middle and cycle to pass down pick down progression
      • 2v2 Cut the middle and cycle, nations
      • 3v2 pass down pick down
      • 4v3 Pass Down Pick Down ball side, Cut the middle and cycle backside
      • 4v4 Claremont rules
      • 4v4 Nations
      • 3x game

Skills we will cover:

    • Quicksticks
    • Collarbone Passing
    • Over the shoulder catch
    • Triple Threat
    • Wind up: hitch and go, face dodge
    • Lead Pass
    • Give and go
    • Drag
    • BTB
    • Rocker
    • Screen Shot
    • Pull Pass
    • Reverse Pull Pass
    • Double Threat
    • Double to Triple
    • Backhand pass
    • Backhand fake
    • Lever passes
    • BTB fake
    • Looking through your man
    • Reading/manipulating the “Split 2” Defender
    • Face dodge finish
    • Twister Near
    • Reach Far
    • Seal / pick your own man first
    • Slip

Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcast with Albany Head Coach Scott Marr

You're going to love this one and you're going to want to play at Albany! Scott shares his journey from Yorktown, to Hopkins, to Delaware, to Maryland and on to Albany and stories about his mentors, teammates, players he coached and teams. Learn Scotty's philosophies on team, offense, practice, and recruiting

Click here to listen to Scotty Marr podcast.

Jamie's Excellent Lacrosse Adventure

On January 21st, I'm embarking on a lacrosse journey of epic proportions. I'm renting an RV in Chicago and visiting college lacrosse programs, watching their practices, meeting with coaches, creating content, "sharpening my saw," and immersing myself in the great game of lacrosse! The tour concludes in Atlanta where I will watch North Carolina open up versus Mercer on February 2nd. Stay tuned as I will be sharing and broadcasting from the road!

Here's the itinerary:

  • 1/21 Northwestern
  • 1/22 Michigan
  • 1/23 Notre Dame
  • 1/24 Ohio State
  • 1/25 Cleveland State
  • 1/26 @Penn State / Army Scrimmage
  • 1/27 Colgate
  • 1/28 Albany
  • 1/29 Navy
  • 1/30 Virginia
  • 1/31 Highpoint
  • 2/2 North Carolina vs. Mercer

The main reason for this trip is create content for the 2019 Coaches Training Program. I am going to learn SO much on this trip and if you're a part of this program, you will get access to the best of the information! If you are a serious coach, you will love this program! The depth of info is awesome and it's geared to be both cutting edge and practical. Division I, II, and III programs have subscribed as well as many of the top HS programs in the nation. Start up and youth programs have also subscribed because of the practical nature of the program. Don't wait until next year, subscribe at www.JM3Coaches.com.

Lacrosse Virtual Summit

January 14-17 I am conducting a FREE Virtual Lacrosse Summit. The summit includes 24 webinars in four days from 10am ET to 10pm ET. It's going to be like Shark Week, but it's all lacrosse all day! The list of speakers is unreal! We have men's and women's college coaches, men's and women's pro players, men's pro coaches, box lacrosse coaches, and some of the game's top analysts.

Here's the link for a list of speakers: https://www.lacrossevirtualsummit.com


Enjoy the weekend!


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