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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!

2019 A Year in Review

Looking back on the year year to create this blog was an amazing and fun exercise!  As usual, I added a lot to my plate and as usual it was a lot of lacrosse!  I hope you enjoy checking this out!

2019 By The Numbers

  • 4 Virtual Lacrosse Summits
  • 19 Division I Lacrosse schools visited to learn, share, and talk lacrosse!
  • 40 Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcasts with the biggest names in the game!
  • 17 "In Season" Edition of the Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcast w/ PLL Chaos HC Andy Towers
  • 165K Podcast "Listens"
  • 1 pair of Nike Cortez
  • 5 Incredible concerts: Elton John, Eric Church, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Billy Joel
  • 55 days of Pick-up Games: I have dialed up the Free Play and it's off the charts!
  • 10 Office Hours Sessions with JM3 Coaches Training Program Subscribers
  • 118 Webinars Performed: all go into the Men's and Women's Coaches Training
  • 71 Short Form Skills & Concept Videos inserted into Men's and Women's CTP
  • 89 Days coaching/playing lacrosse
  • 1 Championship with Brown State in the Lake Placid 45+ Division
  • 600+ Zoom Calls with JM3 Athletes
  • 5 DI commitments from JM3 Athletes
  • 4 JM3 Academies for boys Attack/Mid, Defense, goalies, and girls
  • 12 Bowls of Half & Half Soup in Baltimore: Invented by High Point Head Coach Jon Torpey, Half Cream of Crab, half Maryland Crab is the best thing I've ever had!



 2019 Pick up Games

This video is awesome!  We played so many games in so many places over the course of 2019!  This is pure joy!

2019 A Year In Pictures

2019 was a whirlwind! Between The Virtual Lacrosse Summits, the JM3 RV Road Trip, coaching ThunderRidge HS, watching my son and daughter play college lacrosse at UNC and Oregon, a summer in Canada with the girls, lacrosse camps at Northwestern, Lake Placid, tons of pick up games, recruiting trips with my 2021 daughter, Thanksgiving in Nashville, Delray Beach, and some sick concerts with the Wolfpack, it was a lot of fun!  I hope you enjoy these pics!  It was fun to go through them!

At the US Lacrosse Convention in Philly, my old teammate and Hall of Fame Goaltender presented me with my old Boston Blazers Jersey!

Denver Head Coach Bill Tierney watching the Virtual Lacrosse Summit presentation by Inside Lacrosse's Patrick McEwen AKA @LaxFilmRoom on Lacrosse analytics.

Michigan's Lacrosse Facilities are off the charts!  Here's a look at their locker room!

A picture of former 3d Lacrosse Staff at Michigan: from L-R: Chris Harren (volunteer assistant MLAX), Matt Noble, Adam Sear (Assistant WLAX), Rocco Romero, and Jamie Munro

John Paul, former Michigan Head Coach and PLL Atlas Head Coach took me to a UM hoop game!

Ohio State Head Coach Nick Myers shows me their team room!  Sick facilities!

A great dinner with Notre Dame staff and the RV crew: L-R Pat Hutchinson, Rocco Romero, Matt Noble, Equipment man, Liz Corrigan, me, Kevin Corrigan, Drew Wardlow, and Gerry Byrne.

Lunch with Columbus lacrosse legends Ted and Bill Wolford, Bear Davis and the RV crew!

Me and Scotty Marr before Albany practice!  So fun to watch these guys practice and their practice play list was the best!  A lot of Allman Bros!

The RV crew and the Albany staff!  Great day with those guys!

Me and Ricky Sowell at Navy!

UVA Head Coach Lars Tiffany and I were captains of the 1989 Brown Lacrosse team.

High Point is incredible!

Me, Sara and Colin, after the UNC-Mercer game.

Me and the Goose at a Ducks game!

Emily with a pre-game celly!

A sick pic of a Native American playing the Creator's Game!

Emily in a night game!

Me and two buddies from Brown, Big D Dave Pearson and Bernie Buonanno.  Bernie and I started on attack in HS and college lacrosse together!

The old dog chillin'.

Me and my boy Seanny Allen at Wings/Seals NLL game in San Diego!  Seanny works for the Wings!

ThunderRidge Girls Lax doing a little beach yoga!

The ThunderRidge Girls Coaching Staff: Michael Meehan, Doc Srdoc, Tom Frane and me.

Found this throwback picture of me from 1988!

A Canadian reunion: Here Colin with Will Clayton and Alex Simmons on Memorial Day watching some lacrosse.  Colin played 5 years of minor lacrosse in St Catharines with Alex and 5 years in Coquitlam Junior lacrosse with Will!

Our first BBQ in Niagara on the Lake, ON: Walker Allen, Lucy and Bailey Mutch.

This is one of the coolest box lacrosse pictures I've ever seen!

St Catharines Jr A vs Mimico in some Jr A action!

A quick little flight over to Philly for some HHH lacrosse!  Bailey, Lucy, and Pickles!

Seanny Allen in front of his place (my office).  He had good wifi and i didn't, so I got to work at my best buddies place all summer!

The Girls Laxers in our NOTL house: L-R: Bailey Mutch, Carlie Leach, Lucy Munro, Alexandra Bowman, Josie Vogel, Emily Munro, and Ellie Traggio.

Drying out the box gear in NOTL

Lunch with the grandparents on Lake Ontario!

The gang at the Brickyard watching the PLL Chaos!

Some sweet JM3 cookies!

Every day at 3pm we headed to the arena to play some pick up!

Me and the ThunderRidge crew after a game vs the U19 Canadian National Team!

The Dunes Club: The best beach ever! 

My favorite place in the world!  Narragansett, RI at my Cuz's house!

A cookout and a little cornhole in 'Gansett!

The Iroquois Lacrosse Arena for the St Catharines girls box team!

Girls Box pre-game warm ups!

A Gold Medal for the girls!

Thursday Night 3x in Wash Park with my daughter!

Me and my old coach and former PLL Chrome and UVA/Brown Head Coach, Dom Starsia at the PLL games in Denver.

Me and my dad on the ferry across Lake Champlaign on our way to Lake Placid!

Thanks to Casey Vock for this pic!

UVA Head Coach lars Tiffany, Axia Time CEO and former Penn Goalie and LP MVP, John Kanaras, and me after winning it in Placid!

The Wolfpack at an A's game!  L-R Me, Brad Bowman, Seanny Allen, and Mark Blake.

Wolfpack before the Rolling Stones Show!

Mick still has it going on!

Me and my daughter on her first mountain bike ride in Backcountry!

Me and BU Head Coach Ryan Polley after watching a some fall practice!

Front row at the Who Concert at Fenway, Pete Townsend in his Telly Tubbies Jumper.

Harvard Head Coach Gerry Byrne winning at the Billy Joel Concert at Fenway Park!

At a Yale Lacrosse Practice.  Notice all the sticks on the ground?  Coach Shay doesn't want his players dicking around with their strings when he's talking!

Me and Lucy at Northwestern!

Michael Sowers in a sick picture I saw on Twitter!  Hips are low! 

After a Georgetown-Rutgers fall scrimmage in St Louis!  Good to see the boy!

A little fall pick up in the street!

My new beer fridge!

Facilities at the University of Oregon are sick!  UO club men's lacrosse practicing in front of the new track stadium!

The greatest invention ever (by High Point Head Coach, Jon Torpey) Half and Half Soup!  

Thanksgiving in Nashville!  If you haven't been, Go!  It's amazing!

Random picture of me and my wife in 1996!  A friend sent it.... makes me feel old!

The Country Music Hall of Fame!  My favorite song writer!

Lucy with the class of 2025 Wildcats!

Dinner with a great crew!

Merry Christmas Bailey!

The last street game of the year and a sick screen shot!


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