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Welcome to a Lacrosse Weekend, my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, history, stories, myths/truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you find it enjoyable.

Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcast

Since I launched my podcasts last May I've had some incredible guests who have described their journey in the sport of lacrosse, told amazing stories, and shared insights on coaching, recruiting, and team building. If you are a coach, this podcast is no-brainer because these guests share incredible info on all aspects of coaching. If you are a parent of an aspiring lacrosse player, you will get in the head of some of the top minds in the game and find out what they value, how they develop players, how they think about recruiting and how they leverage the power of video.

Last week's edition featured Jim Berkman, Head Coach at Salisbury University. If you are a coach, player, or parent this podcast is a MUST listen. You will immediately understand the kind of mindset that allows you to achieve. Jim has won 12 NCAA Championships in 30 years and has won 90% of his games. After you listen to him, you will know why. If your kids are aspiring lacrosse players, listen with them. Jim teaches and inspires young people to go for the best like none other. Here's the link to the podcast with Coach Berkman: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/phi-lacrosse-o...

Here's a list of podcast guests:

  • Dylan Sheridan, Head Coach Cleveland State: Dylan is one of the brightest young coaches in the sport. Learn about his unlikely path to Division I Lacrosse and his amazing list of mentors.
  • Paul Day, Head Coach & GM NLL Philadelphia Wings: we talk box lacrosse all day! Paul drops knowledge about players, development, skills, and some great stories about Canadian Box Lacrosse.
  • Patrick McEwen, writer for Inside Lacrosse, @LacrosseFilmRoom, Simply put, Patrick is one of the smartest guys I've ever spoken to in the sport of lacrosse. He is a self made expert in the sport. We talk mostly about the new NCAA Rules.
  • Jon Torpey, Head Coach High Point University, Jon is one of my favorite people in the world! There is nobody that works harder at getting better and with more conviction than Jon Torpey. Torp also happens to be hilarious!
  • Jake Elliot: The voice of the NLL Vancouver Stealth and the chief announcer of the Minto Cup. In the first episode he does a Minto Cup preview, and in the second episode Jake breaks down the drama at this year's Minto where Jeff Teat and his dad Dan were suspended for 3 games each, Jeff's suspension was overturned 5 minutes before game 2, the refs walked out and it was almost a year without a Minto.
  • Joe Keegan, Moneyball Lacrosse, If you're into analytics, Joe provides valuable insights into things like, 2 man game scoring % versus isolation dodge scoring %. Very cool stuff.
  • Mike Mauboussin, a Wall Street Analyst & Strategist, an adjunct Professor at Columbia, and a lacrosse analytics guru: Mike will take you through lacrosse analytics in a fascinating way. Coaches, parents, and players should hear this information!
  • Mark "Red" Burnam, Head Coach Iroquois Nationals, Head Coach IMG Academy: This podcast was so entertaining! Hear the story when Red fought a bear and learn how the Iroquois population of created more world class players per capita than any other population BY FAR!
  • Kevin Corrigan, Head Coach Notre Dame: Kevin's coaching journey and mentors are amazing to learn about as are the lessons he shares. Kevin talks coaching, player development, and recruiting.
  • Lars Tiffany, Head Coach University of Virginia, Lars and I were captains together of the 1989 Brown Lacrosse Team so we go way back. Lars is amazingly open and fun to talk to.
  • Nick Myers, Head Coach Ohio State University: Nick talks about developing a culture and it's fascinating! Also, hear how Nick values video in player development.

Here's a link to subscribe: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/phi-lacrosse-o...

My next podcast - to drop this week - will be with Yale Head Coach Andy Shay. Andy is one of the brightest best guys you could ever meet! He's fun, funny, SO thoughtful, and amazingly organized in the way he conducts practices and drills.

JM3_Coach Twitter

For coaches and players, I've been posting regularly cool videos that illustrate various parts of the game from player development to X's and O's. Check it out!

JM3 Performance Academy

I have created a really cool Performance Academy for players with an in depth 90 day plan to learn literally every skill and every variation as well as new and innovative ways to learn, practice and integrate these skills!

Watch this video to see the level of skill we're talking about. This is a sneak peek of the kind of instructional content and one of my favorite topics: The Double Threat Position. https://vimeo.com/292024972/96a31483da

Brown Lacrosse

I'm back in Providence this weekend to watch the induction of my brother Neil's 1991 Brown Lacrosse Team's induction into the Brown Athletics Hall of Fame. I graduated in 1989 and my brother graduated in 1992, which was a golden era in Brown lacrosse history. Neil and I got to play together for one year which is pretty special, then and now. My brother and I grew up in Providence, went to Moses Brown School then went across the street to college at Brown. We grew up as a ball boys for Brown Soccer and Lacrosse, so coming back is so fun for us! We share many of the same friends spanning 7 years of Brown Lacrosse. Being able to stay with our 83 year old dad for the weekend makes it even more special!

Neil, was a two time captain, went to 3 NCAA Tourneys, was 2x All-Ivy, an Offensive MVP and a Defensive MVP. That's not a typo: he might be the only player in DI history to be both an offensive and defensive MVP for a season. Neil was an attackman, but was a tenacious rider and probably got back in the hole for Andy Towers enough to make a defensive impact.

The 1991 team, led by Hall of Fame Coach Dom Starsia, was loaded with studs. Darren Lowe would be come NCAA Player of the Year , Andy Towers was 2x First Team All American, Jay McMahon eared First Team All American honors, Oliver Marit the Canadian finisher, Mike Gannon HM AA on Defense, Pat Flynn 3rd Team AA Goalie,

This morning we are headed up to watch the Brown Lacrosse vs the young Alumni team. It's always fun to watch some DI Fall Lacrosse and I can't wait to see how the Bears are going to look in 2019! Plus, the young alum team is loaded with pros!

I've mentioned in past blogs how much I enjoy watching college lacrosse practices and yesterday was no exception as I watched the Brown Women's team practice! It's amazing how well DI women's lacrosse players handle the ball with both hands, at speed and often times while pretty well covered! Watching them makes me think about the value of playing with smaller pockets to promote amazing ball movement.

Also being inducted tonight is Dave Evans 1996. Andy Towers put it best:

Dave is a force of nature on and off the field, he is also a friend, a great coach and huge supporter of Brown lacrosse. Dave led the '94 Bruins to the Final 4 when he was a sophomore 1st Team All American. Congrats Dave!



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