A Lacrosse Weekend 10.27.18

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Welcome to A Lacrosse Weekend, my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, history, stories, myths/truths about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you find it enjoyable.


Ducks in the Rockies


The Munro family is pumped to have our daughter and the Oregon Women's Lacrosse team scrimmaging at the University of Colorado. It's very rare that we get to drive an hour to watch our kids play rather than a cross country flight where we have to make a weekend out of it. Should be a beautiful day and a lot of fun to watch some fall lax! And I can come home and enjoy the same day on a mountain bike this afternoon!


Andy Shay Podcast


Last week my Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcast with Andy Shay dropped and it's worth the listen. Andy Shay is one of the best guys you could know. He's humble, smart, hard working, loves to joke around, and loves to talk lacrosse. Andy has had amazing success at Yale, but it wasn't always so easy. It took a solid five years to turn the program around and Andy endured something like a 6-24 record in the Ivy League before he broke through. And man did he ever break through! It's not like Coach Shay all of as sudden figured out how to coach, it's just that it takes time to build a great sustainable program. Listen to this podcast and you will have a glimpse into the cutting edge mentality and good nature of Coach Andy Shay. Here's the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/phi-lacrosse-o...


Transition Rules


One of the most interesting topics in my chat with Andy was his "Transition Rules." A simple and Karma (haha) based model for teaching a team to play incredibly fast and fundamentally in uneven situations. The rules are simple: get ahead of the ball, if you have the ball and you're not covered, get covered as quickly as you can, if you're covered, move the ball as quickly as you can. Simple! Listen to learn more!


How To Watch Video


Joe Keegan from "Money Ball Lacrosse" recently sent me the link to this article and I wanted to share it with you all. The article explains the value of watching film as well as how to watch film. The legendary NBA coach and executive Pat Riley, the architect of the 80's LA Lakers and the Miami Heat of this millennium, will literally never comment on a game until he's watched the film. Why? Because he knows that he won't be speaking factually. You never k now what happened until you watch the film! I always felt the same way: if you thought your team played well, you weren't that good, if you thought you played poorly, you weren't that bad.


The key to watching video is not to watch from beginning to end, but rather to stop the video, rewind it and ask the question "Why." Why did the goalie save that shot? Why did that move work? Why was that play unsuccessful? Anyone and I mean anyone can become an expert in lacrosse through film. Film is the data you need to discover truths. The truths about THE game and YOUR game.


Here's the article: https://cleaningtheglass.com/how-to-watch-basketba...


About a year ago I created a teaching tool called a Video Assessment. I've done about 100 players over the past year and the feedback I've gotten from folks is unreal. When was the last time you got an in depth video review of your player's game? What I do is make a video recording of my break down your son or daughter's game films, with voice over and "Telestration", rewinding it, slowing it down, and explaining THE game and explaining THEIR game. We would never hire a golf pro that didn't teach with film, yet we are all spending endless time and money on instruction with no film. And if we ever acquire game film, we don't study it! Whether you hire me or not, get film and study it! Here's a link for more info: Check it out a www.JM3Video.com


Watch the video analysis of two of last year's best college lacrosse players to get a sense of the depth. And remember, these examples are just highlights, in a real assessment you will get both highlights and growth opportunities spelled out clearly.


Kylie Ohlmiller Analysis: https://cleaningtheglass.com/how-to-watch-basketba...


Jeff Teat Analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0fsHTcjUcw&t=3s


Strength & Conditioning:


I have recently listened to a podcast on the Tim Ferris Show that I'd like to share with you. The podcast is with Nike speed guru Ryan Flaherty. Ryan believes that he has found an equation to be able to accurately predict a person's speed. The ratio of the Hex Bar Deadlift 1 rep max to their weight. If you can get into the 3.2 : 1 ratio, you can be world class. While there are many important aspects to speed including technique, flexibility, explosiveness, there is none more important than strength. The hex bar deadlift is a safe lift: you're not loading weight on to your shoulders, or trying to pull it over your head, the weight is perfectly beneath you, and allows an athlete to pile on weight, strengthening the most important muscles. If you throw in some one leg work, a kettlebell, plus a TRX and that's all you need for a great strength program. Listen to this and learn what to focus on! So many folks are spending a ton of time and money on speed trainers and "Workout" guys when this is a practical way to make real gains towards elite athletic performance:


Here's the link:https://tim.blog/2018/06/01/the-tim-ferriss-show-t...


The Age of Best Youth Players Ever


Have you seen the amount of skill and IQ that the best high school and middle school kids possess? Watch this highlight video of the #1 recruit in the nation for the class of 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osDBEuj09tI Yes, he's physically superior to the majority of the competition, but his skill set is off the charts. The amount of moves, shots, fakes, and passes is insane. And guess what? There's a whole team of kids with those skills on Joe Spallina's Team 91 Crush. A whole team of kids with a huge level of skill and repertoire. Across the country and in Canada, there are small pockets of players being developed by expert coaches like Joe Spallina who through a lot of practice time and a love for skill instruction, are creating these little Terminators.


The key for the development of these youth lacrosse players is a combination of cutting edge coaching and a lot of time. And not just time, the right kind of time. A lot of folks are spending a lot of time, but it's the wrong kind of time. What's the difference? It's a combination of the right environment and simple math. Full field games are usually the wrong kind of time because you simply don't touch the ball enough to get better. When you have a coaching expert who creates the right practice environments where kids are getting a great quantity of reps AND great quality of reps, great results are a guarantee.


What About Your Kid?


The question is how are you going to provide the opportunity for this type of coaching for your son or daughter? Just because a coach was a great player does not mean he is a great coach. Knowing the game has nothing to do with knowing how to create great practice environments. And frankly, great coaching is not always for sale. You can't just sign up and get on Joe Spallina's team and get to practice with them 100 times per year.


Have you listened to the podcast that I recently did with Salisbury Head Coach, Jim Berkman? If not you AND your son need to listen to it and here's the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/phi-lacrosse-o... Coach Berkman talks about recruiting, player development, and what parents need to know in trying to help their kids play lacrosse in college. Very simply put; you need a development plan. If you play for a Joe Spallina, that's probably all you need, but there aren't many coaches like that who can dedicate the kind of time and expertise to the development of your son.


JM3 Performance Academy


Within the next couple weeks I will unveil a program that will give you a development plan and world class coaching where your son or daughter will methodically learn cutting edge skill and IQ. The program will provide the athlete a weekly plan of strength, footwork, stick work, 1v1's, shooting on goalies, and small sided pick up games. Over time, your child can literally learn it all with with this program and your guidance. The goal of this academy is also to educate parents with bi-monthly webinars and Q&A because with your support and knowledge their chances of your kid's development are significantly greater. I listened to a podcast recently that stated "Kids of MLB payers have an 800 times greater chance of being in Major League Baseball than kids of non MLB players." This is similar in lacrosse. While there are no guarantees for anybody, your chances are much better if you know what you're doing and most parents have no idea.... unless they stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, and then they're the classic "Hot Tips" dad we all love to be around. Anyway, stay tuned!



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