A Lacrosse Weekend 3.21.20

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2020

Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!

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Virtual Lacrosse Summit 

I'm fired up to announce the Q2 VLS coming the week of April 13th!  We have an amazing line up of speakers that will allow us to forget about this dreadful virus and focus on lacrosse!  

Here's our list of speakers and there are more to come! (list is subject to change)

  • Greg Cannella, Head Coach UMass
  • Jim Stagnitta, Head Coach PLL Whipsnakes
  • Steve Brundage, Offensive Coordinator Hobart
  • Dave Pietramala, Head Coach John's Hopkins
  • Darris Kilgour, NLL Hall of Fame player and Championship Coach
  • Tim McCormack, Head Coach Arizona State
  • Sean Allen, Box Lacrosse Coach/executive
  • Pat Myers, Head Coach Lafayette
  • Andrew Baxter, Head Coach Fairfield U
  • Tom Mariano, Head Coach Pace University and MLL Bayhawks
  • John Galloway, Head Coach Jacksonville
  • JP Brazel, Assistant. Coach Stony Brook
  • Gerry Byrne, Head Coach Harvard
  •  Kevin Corrigan, Head Coach Notre Dame
  • Jon Torpey, Head Coach High Point

Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcast

In light of the self quarantine and social distancing, I've been trying to crank up the number of podcasts I'm doing to try and keep everyone's mind off this terrible virus.  I hope you have enjoyed listening as much as I've enjoyed producing them!  If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Pat Myers, Head Coach Lafayette

I've known Pat since he wore #3 at Ohio State in the early 2000's as a stud midfielder for the Buckeye's.  Pat is an incredibly thoughtful and hardworking  family oriented guy who shares with us his journey as a player and a coach.  Having learned from mentors like Joe Breschi, Jeff Tambroni, Frank Fedorjaka and Mike Murphy Pat has taken his wealth of experiences to build the Leopard program.  Pat breaks down his philosophies on offense, defense, 2man game, player development and of course, how he creates culture.  We also spend time discussing college lacrosse recruiting.  You will love this podcast!  Click here to listen!

Inside The 8 Podcast with Colleen Magarity

This week Colleen and I chat with Arizona State Head Coach, Tim McCormack.  Tim is one of the best people you will ever meet!  When you listen to him talk, you will want to play for him (or have your daughter play for him)!  Tim is also a a great tactician and has taken a pick and roll, box lacrosse offense and made it exceptionally effective.  We talk offense, defense, skill development and draw controls as well as a deep dive into how he built his culture.  This is a GREAT podcast!  Click here to listen!

Shooting on Dad

In the Munro household we have been laying low in quarantine, but still finding time to get better at lacrosse.  To me, this is one of the best activities that will actually make you better!  Shooting on dad (or son/daughter/mom/etc) with a little net and a tennis ball.  I put together this video showing some of the shots that were being executed.  How many are in your repertoire?  Send me clips!

Insane Callum Crawford Twister 5 Hole

This guy is a human highlight reel!  Watching the way he fakes back and forth and drops the ball 5 hole is truly magnificent!  If you want to learn how to do this, see the video above!  Practice shooting on Dad!

How one HS  Program is Making The Most of Quarantine

This is a video from a Zoom Call I performed with a high school program I work with.  If you need to get your team working on stuff, this video will show you how!  If you have a HS or youth team that is sitting home with lots of time, and you want to get them working on lacrosse, in a safe and responsible way, watch this video!

 Attention Boys/Girls Youth Lacrosse Programs

The JM3 Academy is a no brainer for your kids!  The price works out to just dollars per player and the content is outstanding .  Your players, boys and girls, will have na 10 chapter four hour per week workout to do safely at home!  Below is a video walk through of  Boy's Attack/Midfield Academy.   We have a boy's Defense Academy, Goalie Academy, as well as a Girl's Academy!  Your whole program gets this content on top of all the coaches content for men's and women's lacrosse!

Jake Carraway Highlight Video

This kid is the most underrated player in Division I Lacrosse.  yes, there are a ton of great seniors like Michael Sowers, Grant Ament, Michael Kraus, Jared Bernhardt, Jeff Teat, Dox Aitken just to name a few, but this kid is a force to be reckoned with as a dodger, a stretch shooter and play maker.  Maybe we will see him in a Hoya uniform next year and if not he will certainly be in the PLL!  Such a beast!

Have a great weekend!


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