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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!   

If you are a men's or women's lacrosse player, coach, or parent, I think you will love the weekly content, videos, and analysis. 

Inside The 8 Podcasts with Colleen Magarity

This week Colleen got back at it with two new women's lacrosse podcasts that I think you will love.  First with Jacksonville Assistant Coach, Mike Bedford and then with Pitt Head Coach Emily Boissonaeult.  Colleen and her guests discussed their respective lacrosse journeys, philosophies on building culture, team offense, team defense, favorite drills and of course, college lacrosse recruiting.  Colleen will be doing podcasts regularly and get an insider's view from many of the top coaches in the game!  Thanks to Colleen for creating this amazing women's lacrosse content.

In Season Podcast with PLL Chaos Head Coach Andy Towers

AT and I put together episode 4 last Monday and as the season winds down, the conversations become more and more interesting!  Since both of us are coaches, this podcast is truly the most analytical of any college lacrosse weekly podcast out there.  Hear not just what happened, but why and how.  Plus, there's no better person to be around than AT.  He's hysterical and so smart!  Click here to listen to the "In Season" Podcast!

Extra Man Offense Hack

Is your EMO feeling stale?  Does it seem like your 33 isn't getting you many great looks?  We've all been there where it seems like we're just not moving the ball that well, not getting great skip pass opportunities, settling for up the hashes jump shots and when we get the ball inside we're too far from the net to have a great opportunity.  In this article, i will present an incredibly easy solution: Turn your regular 33 into a "Drop down 33" or a 231 and watch your EMO improve immediately.

In many ways your 231 is exactly the same as the 33, but it is much more difficult for the defense when your two low finishers are a little lower, can step behind, throw the ball through X and your shooters drop down to the wings creating more spacing between the wings and the top center guy.

When the ball goes though X it causes a full rotation of the defense if their in a 5man or 4man rotation.  Meaning, if you keep the ball in front of the net touching each corner and looking for your skips and wall passes without throwing it through X, the defense can play their 4man or 5man rotations without having to rotate to new spots.  In both a 4man and 5man, the Diamond / Box concept will be used and the D will feel comfortable the whole time.

When the ball goes through X, the top point of the diamond in the 4man or the 5man has to get all the way to the wing shooter, which is a tough rotation.  Meanwhile, everyone else has to cover a new guy.  Skip passes and wing shots will abound.

Another advantage to the drop down is the improved feeding angles from your low finishers.  One of the problems most 33 set ups have is the low guys come a little high (above GLE) therefore losing angle to feed the crease guy while simultaneously pushing the shooters up and out of shooting range.  Lower feeders not only give you better angles to feed the crease but also to skip the ball to the wing or up to the top center guy.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, the Drop Down 33 causes the defense to have to fully commit a player to the crease.  Versus a 33 in a 5man or a string, more often than not, the crease is able to halfway commit to the crease because the sub optimal feeding angles and crease guy's distance (farther) from the net.  Half way covering the crease is exactly what the man down wants to do so they can get out to shooters and be in skip pass lanes.  In a Drop Down, everything is lower, the feeders, the wing shooters and the crease guy.  With improved feeding angles the defense must fully commit to the crease which then opens up skips and causes more rotations.

Check out the clips from Brown and Penn running a Drop Down 33.  I think you will find immediate success in running this.  If you want more info, sign up for the JM3 Coaches Training Program!


 I like How Penn mixed in a little carry / shallow cut with their wing and low lefty to create a little bit of movement to open up and disguise a skip pass


Check out the video below where I installed the Drop Down 33 with a high school team in Atlanta.  This team has some slick kids, but were struggling a little bit on EMO.  This EMO hack did the trick and the team started moving the ball great! 


If you want to learn more subscribe to the JM3 Coaches Training Program or any of the other amazing programs from JM3 Sports!

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Learn more about how to implement levels of development through the various programs and systems from JM3 Sports. 

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Colleen Magarity on Prospect Days
Colleen Magarity is the Head Coach at Penn Charter School, was an All-American and 3x National Champion at Northwestern, coached college lacrosse, played pro and is one of the most respected coaches, mentors, advocates in the game. 
As summer approaches there are going to be a lot of college prospect days and showcase camps. It is extremely hard to decipher what is best to do and you will probably always feel like you are missing something and or should have gone to one over the other. Here is a little advice that is not the magic answer but may help calm you down as you start this journey.
If you are uncommitted you should know exactly if a college has a spot for you and if they like you and want to see you. They are able to speak directly to you so do not waste your time if you have not heard anything back. If you are still waiting to be seen make sure that the coach is willing to take a look at you at their camp/clinic for a potential spot. You should be very specific about where you are going and do not need to go to the bigger showcase ones. 
Pick 1-2 colleges you have interest in to make sure you get to that college camp/clinic and get in front of them as much as possible. You should also pick 1-2 showcases that have 10+ coaches as you do not have enough time to go to 10 college specific camps. As the summer goes on college coaches may start to and "general interest" in you and tell your club coach or email you a questionnaire. Take this as the first step that you were noticed and they want to see more of you so you should put that school as a priority if you have reciprocal interest. Accept the fact that you can't make everything and use your club coach as help. The fall is a great time to get to a few schools prospect days that you now know if they really like you or not. 
Do not go crazy going to a million prospect days. Go to 1-2 college camps and then you can pick 1 or 2 bigger prospect day. You will really have to start to go in the fall and next summer. 
You do not NEED to go to any prospect days but if you do, pick one with a lot of coaches there. You can start to get a feel for playing in front of college coaches and start to see what they are like so you can be prepared for your next 2 summers. 
Here are some great events Colleen recommends:
Check out some of the Showcase clinics the day before your tournaments as well. 

Colleen Magarity
(215) 828-3177



 Have a great weekend!



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