A Lacrosse Weekend 6/6/20

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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it! 

Munro Family RV Trip

On Thursday 5/28 my family and I loaded up the RV and headed east.  We will be spending the month of June in Narragansett, Rhode Island hanging out with family and friends, playing lacrosse, and finally turning the page on the spring that wasn't.  This will be my final installment of this blog until I get back to Denver.

The #1 Rule, No #2

It was a memorable family experience in the RV for a 2000 mile journey to our kids' paradise.  I'm not sure anyone will want to do it again anytime soon, but it was fun nonetheless.  He had some great laughs, fights,  and the dog.... well, he made it.  Our dog is so old, he can hardly walk and is pretty mental.  He finally adjusted and actually laid down after 7 hours of standing.

Lacrosse Game in Every State

One of our goals was to play a 2x game in every state along the way.  Yes, this added hours to our driving time, but it was fun and we stopped in some pretty random spots.  The teams were Colin and Emily versus Lucy and me in the Battle of The States!

Nebraska was a nice break, playing right in front of corn fields.  Jamie and Lucy win game 1!

The Bridges of Madison County

Driving on I80 East, we passed a sign that said Madison County!  Of course, the Clint Eastwood / Merrill Streep movie, The Bridges Of Madison county is where we will play our Iowa 2x game!  Check out the video, It looks exactly like the movie!  What a beautiful night too in an absolutely Idyllic spot in America!  Jamie and Lucy take a 2-0 lead in the series! 

A Truck Stop in Illinois

We pulled over at around 1am on Thursday night and slept in the RV!  It was a surprisingly GREAT sleep!  I don't know why, but it was awesome!  2x game three was played before we got back on the road.  Lucy and Jamie take a 3-0 lead.

A Game at Notre Dame

Just after getting back on the road from our Illinois 2x game, I decided to give Notre Dame Head Coach Kevin Corrigan a call to tell him I'm going to be driving by South Bend on Route 80 and we needed a good spot to play an Indian 2x game.  KC was on board for hosting our game, totally fired up to play, and he even called Harvard Head Coach Gerry Byrne, Kevin's former Defensive Coordinator who is spending quarantine in South Bend.  

KC told us if we were going to film, we had to use masks so we played our first pick up game with protection from COVID.  It was so fun! 

Be sure to watch the first couple minutes to see how dogs can impact a 3x game!

Ohio Service Area

We really wanted to find a cool place to stop in Ohio, like Cleveland, but we were running late on a dinner appointment at Sara's brother's house in Pittsburgh, so we cranked out a quick 2x game where Lucy and Jamie took a 3-0 series lead!

3x in Pittsburgh

Sara's parents also live in Pittsburgh and they will be taking care of our dog Bailey for the month, since our rental won't allow dogs.  On Saturday morning before we got on the road for the home stretch of the journey, we played a sweet 3x game with the cousins!  Such a great day of 3x!


NJ Turnpike

I've stopped at this rest stop dozens of times over the years, grabbing coffee, gas or some Roy Rogers!  The Vince Lombardi rest area was the perfect spot to play game four of our 2x series.  Once again, the team of oldest and youngest prevailed.

Westchester County, NY 2x Game

We pulled off 287 in search of a simple and sweet place to play our NY edition of the Battle of the States.  We found a nice little patch and banged out our game.  With a come from behind win, Lucy and Jamie got win number 5, which also set off World War III in the RV!

Greenwich, CT

We played our final lacrosse game in Greenwich, CT where we joined up with a couple of JM3 Athletes and had a great workout and so much fun!

Our final stop before Narragansett was the world famous Pepe's Pizza in New Haven, CT.  What a great trip!  Now we are happily playing pick up games every day and trying to recoup time from a lost spring.

Have a great day!


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