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2023 PLL Rookie Class

The PLL season kicks off today so we decided to put together a few video breakdowns of some of the top PLL rookies in the class of 2023.  There is a lot to be learned from watching these videos!    I wrote a few bullet points of things to look for as you watch the videos.  I hope you enjoy! 

Brian Minicus #13 vs Yale

  • Attacks right AT his defender with speed, getting his defender's hips committed so he can cut back
  • Turns the corner / cuts his man off with "S" dodges and Hostage dribbles
  • Cuts back / Swims when defender reaches and overplays with a right on right V Hold
  • Scans the field before he gets the ball for quick decisions and precise positioning
  • Great come around / low angle finisher with both hands

Voiced Over Breakdown of the Minicus Film

If you want more detail on the nuances Brian Minicus's game, watch the video below!  I did a voiced over recording of the original breakdown, which is exactly what I do for JM3 Athletes when we breakdown film!  I hope you enjoy it!


CJ Kirst #15 vs Michigan 

Kirst is not a PLL draft pick, but we had this breakdown done so I had to share it!  You're welcome!!!!

  • Uses physicality to set up bounce outs and roll backs
  • Squares his man up as he sets up picks
  • Head is always up
  • Uses hitches and hesitations
  • Doesn't "Invite" or bait his man over picks as well as he could
  • Reads D under and over picks, cuts back when they go under
  • Shoots around his defender
  • Moves well off ball to create space, to pick/slip, and on the crease to pick/seal for teammates in set plays
  • Ground ball scrapper all over the field!



Gavin Adler #77 vs Michigan

  • Stays on doubles in 2man game
  • Knows when to trail his man
  • Knocks down tons of passes through great anticipation of passing lanes and matching sticks
  • Master of slide decisions in inverts and big little situations
  • Watch how often he turns his head off ball to see his man and the ball
  • Constantly adjusting and flipping his hips to be in a perfect position to help and see his man and ball
  • Slow plays the ball and 2v1's masterfully
  • Spreads his hands out on his stick to get GB's in traffic


Owen Grant #81 vs Duke

  • Has a great sense for when to use his cross check in bump and run and when to use the leverage and depth of his stick left on left
  • Uses his stick to hold, leverage, and lift
  • Uses a combination of poke and drop and bump and run or cross check and move laterally
  • Incredible skills which translates to his on ball defense in terms of checks, his off ball defense in terms of knocking down balls and with ball offense for GB's and playmaking.  That's why coaches like to recruit Canadian defenders.
  • Active stick on over the head checks and trail checks left on left and left on right
  • Unbelievable off the ground, makes quick slick passes and flips
  • Uses backhand pump fakes to by time and space
  • Chokes his hands up the stick frequently
  • Great in transition, master of the draw and dump



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