College Lacrosse Recruiting

The JM3 Recruiting Portal is a compilation of all of the recruiting content I've produced.  With dozens of interviews of Division I Men's and Women's Lacrosse's top coaches, you will learn the answers to these questions:

How to get recruited?

What coaches are looking for?

How do you know if you are being recruited?

How do you get ranked in the Inside Lacrosse Top 100?

What is the Ivy League Academic Index?

What will get you crossed off a coaches list?

How do you know if your highlight video is good enough? 

Learn all of this... and MORE!

  • Can you be blackballed in Recruiting?
  • Interesting Stands Out
  • How Do You Get Recruited?
  • Biggest Time Wasters In The Recruiting Process
  • Funny Recruiting Story
  • Highlight Video101
  • Random Thoughts on How to Get Recruited
  • A Strategy For How To Play Well At Recruiting Events
  • "You Need To Be More Selfish"
  • How Not To Get Recruited
  • Dreaming of a Better Tryout Process
  • How Parents Can Help in Recruiting
  • Daddy Ball
  • Writing Emails To Coaches
  • Happy September 1st
  • Traits Coaches Are Looking For
  • Can You Beat Anybody?  A College Coach's #1 Question.
  • Repeating, Re-Classing, Redshirting in Kindertarten
  • A Communication Advantage
  • The #1 Thing Most People Screw up In Recruiting
  • More on Highlight Videos
  • Getting Looks vs Getting Better
  • Top 3 Things To Make Time For This Summer

$97.00 USD

Due to uncertain times and inability to practice with teams, we put together an entire backyard curriculum to focus in on the best methods for player development. Add this curriculum to your check out and it will surely help you get recruited! 

This was previously only offered to our JM3 Athletes but is now being offered for a limited time. At $19 dollars it is a great value and we have seen tremendous improvements from our athletes going through this curriculum. 

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