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JM3 Sports Highlight Video Service - Why Video?

Video is the most effective communication tool available to high school athletes seeking an athletic scholarship. There are 23 NCAA-sanctioned sports at over 1,000 member institutions involving over 400,000 student-athletes. Most of these athletes have all or a portion of their college education paid for through scholarships and grants. Our goal is to help you become one of these recruits and for families to afford college.

Highlight Videos

JM3 Sports allows you to market your athletic skills to college coaches, recruiters and scouts through highlight and skills videos using professional methods and equipment. We know how to package your highlights to make you stand out from other athletes vying for scholarships. We provide a digital file for Internet use that helps you expose your skills to the broadest audience possible.

Skills Video Production

We will provide you with a skills highlight video that you can distribute to coaches, scouts and recruiters that want to see your specific skills. Skills videos are becoming more popular with coaches because they see you in a “combine” environment and can focus on your specific skill set. A Skills video will show a coach several skills stations with clips from each skills station – this gives the coach information about your abilities so that they can make a decision about recruiting you. Typically Skills video are used in addition to a highlight video, interview and workout video.

Tribute Videos

JM3 Sports creates custom tribute videos that are a snapshot in time of you or your teams sports career or season. We combine footage and still photos to create a keepsake that lets you relive the glory days. Little League baseball, Pee Wee football, all the way to high school and college teams we can capture the excitement you felt during your athletic career.

We Can Help With:

  • Editing, FX, Music & Graphics: We will take your raw footage, edit the scenes together, add effects such as highlighting for identification purposes, and add music and graphics to make it professional.
  • Game footage isolation shoot: A professional videographer using broadcast-quality equipment will shoot the entire game close-up focusing specifically on you on every play. We offer high-definition for a slightly higher fee.
  • Workout/Training shoot: A professional videographer will go on location to shoot your workout displaying specific skills or training methods.
  • Interview: The interview will be shot at a venue of your choosing and will consist of 5 prepared questions to allow recruiters to hear your accomplishments, goals, and interests. The interview will incorporate professional lighting and sound to make the best impression on recruiters.

JM3 Sports can help you reach your potential through our various services then help you highlight all of you accomplishments with the incredible JM3 Sports Highlight Video Service!


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