JM3 Sports Lacrosse Highlight Video Service

JM3 Sports Highlight Video Service

JM3 Sports is excited to announce a premier highlight video service where our JM3 coaching and consulting team will produce your video AND provide professional feedback. 

Every day we come across videos that have the wrong highlights, are too lengthy, too busy, and are organized in the wrong order which could be detrimental to your recruiting process. 

Our JM3 team has tons of knowledge and experience between men's and women's lacrosse in addition to knowing exactly what college coaches want to see and DO NOT want to see.

What separates our service from other lacrosse highlight video services is that an experienced coach will watch your video with you and recommend any changes! After we receive all of the necessary information and your first draft is made, you will meet with a JM3 Coach over a Zoom call to review your highlight video. After this call, our editing team will make any necessary changes and your video will be ready to go!

Send us your film and let us do the rest! 

College coaches spend hours watching high school highlight videos in search of athletes they want to recruit. Our goal in creating these highlight videos is to allow coaches to assess your players as effectively as possible. This means providing them with all of the necessary information in an organized manner, making it clear who the athlete is in each play, not including any graphics that could be distracting, and not wasting any time throughout the video.

After purchasing the Highlight Video Service from our website, an email will be sent to you that includes our Highlight Video Survey. In here, you will put all necessary information about the athlete that will be shown during the introduction of the video. After completing the survey, your video will be ready for your viewing in no more than 5 business days!

Check out tips from JM3 Sports Founder and 18 year NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse Coach Jamie Munro on what makes a good highlight tape! Scroll down to “The Keys To A Good Highlight Video”

Check out these highlight tapes produced by our JM3 team:

Tripp Didden Johns Hopkins Commit 

Lee Butler Vermont Commit

Rob Grawemeyer

Lucy Munro

Annabelle Mahoney

Carson Didden

Jack Deady

Conor Storie

Tommy Leonard

Will Moulton

Erik Volfson

Click [PURCHASE OFFER] and let's get started!


Ready to get your highlights started? Here's some more information on the overall process:

Before you get started, make sure to click this link and review “The Keys To A Good Highlight Video” section!

-Complete your purchase for our Highlight Video Service.

-Once we receive your order, you will be emailed by our staff regarding your video.

-The email from a JM3 Employee will include a link to a page where you will enter information about the athlete as well as have the option to upload the clips for the video.

                - For your introduction slides, we recommend formatting your information like this:
                 Slide 1: Name, Graduating Class, Town, High School, Club Team, GPA/Test scores, Height and weight
                 Slide 2: Awards/Stats
                 Slide 3: Personal and Coaches Contact Information

                - If you are not uploading your own clips, you will need to include login information for us to access your film as well as let us know what clips you would like to be used. Our first option will be to download your games however if this is not possible due to the website, we will screen record the plays from your games. Here’s an example of the easiest way to format your plays so we can work with them:

Team 1 vs Team 3 2:30-2:45 catch and goal

Team 1 vs Team 5 11:40-12:00 clear and goal

Team 1 vs Team 4 23:15-23:30 dodge and assist

-When sending us the clips to use, please put the best clips towards the front of the list or upload them first. What makes a clip good is the film quality and the level of competition. If you have a clip that is good quality, against good competition, and is a good play, put it towards the front. If you have a good quality play against clearly bad competition, put it towards the back. 

-Once we have received your information and film, a JM3 employee will confirm everything is correct before starting the process of creating the video. 

-The first draft will be ready no more than 5 business days after we receive your information/film. 

-In the email along with the first draft of the video will be a zoom calendar where you can sign up with a JM3 Coach to review your video. During your call, you and the coach will watch the video as well as discuss any changes that could be made.

-After this call, the editors will receive instructions on any necessary changes and make them. 

-Once the video is complete, a downloadable version of the video will be emailed to you as well as a private link to the video on our JM3 Highlight Video Youtube page. ***NOTE: It is possible that the JM3 Coach may not believe the video's quality is not high enough to be sent out yet. Please review the "Keys To a Good Highlight Video" mentioned above to make sure your film is adequate.***


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