A Lacrosse Weekend 1.19.19

Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you find it enjoyable!

Lacrosse Virtual Summit

Wow! What a whirlwind! Such an amazing group of passionate and knowledgeable presenters and a myriad of topics: men's lacrosse, women's lacrosse, offense/defense, rides, transition, skills, game breakdowns, youth lacrosse, box lacrosse, analytics, leadership, and business topics!

Here is the list of presenters:

    • TJ Buchanan, Technical Director US Lacrosse: "Small Games that do Big Things", drills, concepts and the science behind why small area games are critical for youth lacrosse.
    • John Paul, Head Coach PLL: "Attacking 10 man ride", if you want to run a 10 man, watch this presentation. JP also hooks us up with a sweet little wrinkle on a deceptive way to "fake" your 10 man and run a match-feet ride that gets your best LSM on a defender carrying it over.
    • Mikey Thompson, Head Coach Christopher Newport University: “Generating Transition in the middle of the field", a dialed in talk on the scenarios, the drills, and the concepts you need to run great transition offense.
    • Matt Hogan, Annapolis Hawks and Hoganlax: “Developing a club program" Matt takes us through his philosophy, values, and process for developing a great lacrosse club.
    • Joe Keegan, Moneyball Lacrosse: “Finding natural side shots” building on the presentations from the late-great Dave Huntley, Joe uses five years of MLL shots data to present where to find the highest quality shots and scenarios in on offense.
    • Scott Teeter, Head Coach Louisville : "2 man game" An in depth look at how t teach pick and roll in women's lacrosse.
    • Bryan Kelly, Head Coach Calvert Hall: "Read and React Offense", Another talk influenced by Dave Huntley's genius, BK shares a totally different way of running an offense.
    • Greg Gurenlian, PLL Player: "Breaking down the pre-season All-Americans" this breakdown of of 50/50 battles, technique, exit strategies and wing play is off the charts!
    • Danielle Spencer, Head Coach Dartmouth: "Game breakdown JMU vs Towson", a deep look at the different zones these teams employ and the offenses that attack them.
    • Jamie Davidson, Head Coach Kings Ridge School / E-commerce Business: "Digital Marketing and bulging a program" learn how to leverage technology and social media to build your program and your lacrosse business.
    • Hannah Nielson, Head Coach Michigan: "Fundamental Drills For Player Development" great drills, concepts, and skills and totally applicable for men's and women's lacrosse.
    • Drew Kelleher, Head Coach Manhattan: "Dodging Progression” a simple yet detailed and highly effective way to teach great dodging.
    • Colleen Magarity, Head Coach Penn Charter, pro player: "Team Defense" a must watch to learn how to develop a high pressure defense with help concepts. Great drills that are totally applicable to men's and women's lacrosse.
    • Paul Day, Head Coach and GM Philadelphia Wings: "Box Lacrosse Offense" a breakdown of the Saskatchewan Rush offense.
    • Bart Sullivan, Assistant Coach Ohio Machine: "Youth Lacrosse Practice Games" for youth coaches, this presentations is a must watch. "When you learned how to ride a bike, did you do peddling drills? One-Legged pedaling on a stationary bike?"
    • Patrick McEwen, AKA LaxFilmRoom, writer for Inside Lacrosse: "Lacrosse Analytics", a breakdown of the game by the numbers.
    • Tom Slate, Former MLL Head Coach: "Transition Defense" all scenarios to prepare for.
    • Brian Holman, Head Coach Utah: "Practice Planning" coach talks about big picture of how they plan their week to prepare for the season.
    • BJ Grill:, PLL Player, "Individual Defense" one of the best in the game simplifies how to teach 1v1 defense.
    • Ted Bergman, Assistant Coach Cleveland State: "A Critical Approach to Goaltending", phenomenal presentation! Wow! Must listen!
    • Deemer Class, Assistant Coach USC Women's and PLL Player: "Dodging and Re-dodging" one of the most cutting edge players and coaches, this take spans both men's and women's lacrosse and teaches the skills every great player must possess.
    • John Galloway, Head Coach Jacksonville: "Team Defense", one of the best leaders and players of his generation, the Duval Defense is unveiled.
  • Scott Ratliff, PLL player: "Teaching Mental Toughness", A practical way to develop leadership and toughness in your program.
  • Casey Wheel, Strength and Conditioning Coach: "Athletic Development 101", if you're a player, coach, or parent, you must know this information.

If you want more info or replays, go to LacrosseVirtualSummit.com

College Lacrosse Tour 2019

I head to Chicago tomorrow for the College Lacrosse Tour 2019. We are renting an RV and spending 12 days visiting college lacrosse schools, spending time with the coaching staffs, talking lacrosse, creating content, and "sharpening our saws." Coming along are my former assistant coach and great friend Matt Noble who won a 'ship at Cortland, Rocco Romero, who worked for me at 3d, was the volunteer at UVA and was on the first midfield with Seibald and Glynn on that '09 Cornell team that shoulda/coulda won the title, and Drew Wardlow, who runs FCA Lacrosse. This electric group will make the trip unforgettable.

Here are the schools: Northwestern, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Cleveland State, Penn State for their Army Scrimmage, Colgate, Albany, Navy, Virginia, High Point, then down to Atlanta for the UNC-Mercer game on February 2nd.

We will be broadcast regularly on LSN during the trip as well as pumping out a ton of content on social media.

The reason why I put this together was so I could share information with the subscribers of the Coaches Training Program CTP JM3Coaches.com. The content in this program is already pretty sick, but I figured if I spend this much time with some of the top men's and women's coaches in the game, I would come away with endless information to share with our subscribers. My goal with the CTP has always been to have the best content available on the web and just like learning, building this content is a never ending process!


Darris Kilgour Podcast

I have spent countless hours talking lacrosse with this guy, and he is unquestionably one of the smartest lacrosse people I've ever come across. We decided to record one of our conversations and it was awesome. Darris breaks down shooting, finishing and two man game. He also tells priceless stories of the great players, games and championships he's been a part of. Here is it is!

Darris Kilgour Podcast

 Enjoy the weekend!


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