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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!   

If you are a men's or women's lacrosse player, coach, or parent, I think you will love the weekly content, videos, and analysis. 



Virtual Lacrosse Summit


This past week we had 14 amazing speakers present on the Virtual Lacrosse Summit and covering topics ranging from offense, defense, man up, face offs, draws, goalie play and box lacrosse!  This is some of the best content we have ever had on the VLS and starting Monday at noon JM3 Sports will be providing Free Replays!  

I want to thank Colin Munro and Colleen Magarity for running the show this fall!  Colin, the volunteer assistant at Providence College, assembled and hosted the men's speakers while doing one awesome presentation himself, while Colleen Magarity Kelly put together a phenomenal line up of women's speakers and did a phenomenal job hosting!

Here's a brief description of speakers from Colin: 

Michael Phipps, Offensive Coordinator, US Naval Academy on Extra Man Offense:

Mike Phipps and I went through most of the Man-up clips from the 2021 Georgetown  season from when I was playing for Mike on that EMO unit. Coach Phipps started off by talking about concepts he believes makes Man-up successful. He went on to talk about his 3 principles to Man-up which are: Have some sort of carry, some sort of set play, and finish in your best set and he believes that on every EMO you should use at least two of these three principles. When they went through all of these Man-up's afterwards, you see these principles play out. He also gives great insight on positioning, reads, and skip passes. 
Here's the raw film Coach Phipps uses to breakdown G'town EMO:
Jack Rowlett, Defender PLL Chaos, Assistant Coach Georgetown, "Approaches": 
Jack Rowlett had an awesome webinar talking about approaches. He went through game clips from the PLL season and broke down the nuances of how he approached the ball carrier on all different parts of the field. He talked about drills and how to work on it and how to navigate from behind the net. It was so interesting to hear how calculated all of his approaches are; which foot is forward, where his stick is, where his hips/knees/shoulders are aligned, who the dodger is and what their strengths are. 
Here is the film Jack uses to take a deep dive into approaches:
Owen McIlroy, PLL Chrome, Georgetown 1st Team AA, "Baiting"
Owen McElroy came on the VLS and talked about baiting shooters. He went through different clips from both the Penn and Notre Dame games from the 2022 college lacrosse season. He gave great insight on the different ways to bait shooters and how to try and understand what they are thinking. He talks about baiting with your stick as well as baiting with your body position. He gave awesome nuances to his approach to baiting such as things like what foot to load your weight on when you are trying to do some of these things. 
Will Corrigan, Assistant Coach Harvard, "Face-offs and Wing play"

Will came on the Summit to talk about the Face-off and Wing play. He talks about the overall approach that he takes with their face-off guys everyday and every week. Everything from their mental work and extra stretch routines all the way to full team drills that they do working on communication and boxing people out. Will had a detailed presentation that included great practice and game clips and showed off tons of drills Harvard does to improve their success on the wings, their success after a lost face-off and their approach to making face-off guys more balanced and explosive. 
Drake Porter, All ACC Goalie at Syracuse, Head of Youth Development, Goaliesmith, "Arc Play"
Drake came to talk about arc play. He talks about the different types of arc that goalies play: 3 step arc, 5 step arc, and 7 step arc. He talks about the advantages and disadvantages of these different arcs and why goalies choose to play them and how they can disrupt shooters. He talks about how a lot of the pro goalies are changing between these arcs all the time. He also touches on baiting shooters and some drills to work on these different arcs. 
Below is a breakdown of speakers from me:
Dane Dobbie, Former NLL MVP, San Diego Seals / Langley Thunder: "Mann Cup Breakdown"

This presentation was incredible.  Colin interviewed his teammate on the Langley Thunder and went through the video compilation below and got Dane's insights on his decision making, the skills he used, the coverage solutions to the way the Peterborough Lakers defended him and more.  Dobbie is simply one of the smartest and most skilled players in the world and to listen to his thoughts is fascinating!
You can watch the raw highlights that Dane dives into below!
Colin Munro, Volunteer Assistant Providence College,: "How to be the Ultimate Picker"
Colin grew up playing box lacrosse in Canada with five years playing minor lacrosse in St. Catharines and five years playing Jr lacrosse in Coquitlam, BC where he became the first US born player to win a Minto Cup winning in both the 2016 and 2018.  This past summer Colin played for the Langley Thunder and went to the Mann Cup, losing in 7 games to the Peterborough Lakers.  Colin made his mark in Canada by learning how set great picks.  This breakdown has great insights into how he tried to set up his two man game through sealing, slipping, and setting picks at different angles depending on how the defense played him.  I learned some key details from this presentation that are immediately going into my repertoire of coaching points.  I hope you will too!
Jamie Munro, JM3 Sports, The Backyard Curriculum, 4 key Environments
Simply put, this is one of the most important webinars I've ever put together because if folks would dive in and do these drills/games with their kids, players, friends etc, the impact would be huge.  I truly believe that if all you traded all your lessons, wall ball / bounce back reps, and shooting for these four environments, players would have world class skill and IQ.
Here is the full webinar found on our JM3 YouTube Channel!
Women's Speakers, titles and descriptions by Colleen Magarity
This week we had a great women’s lacrosse virtual lacrosse summit with 5 amazing speakers covering all different topics. Below are the guests and some key notes about their presentations that you should definitely rewatch if you get the chance when the VLS airs again. 
Kelsea Donnelly, Assistant Coach Villanova
- Talked everything goalies from the warm up to the mental game.
- She gave great drill ideas for all different ages levels to do at home or at practices.
- Gave great perspective as a goalie herself and how to coach and help mentor the goalies she coaches.
Mitch Fenton, Assistant Coach Colorado
-Gave a unique presentation on Defense and his coaching philosophy.
- Talked a lot about the off-ball concepts and importance of communication in the defensive game.
- “90-10” Defense refers to the fact that you actually are covering your own match up for 10% of the game!
Charlie Leonard, Assistant Coach Northwestern
- Great to learn from the defensive coach at Northwestern who is newer to the women’s game
- He brought a lot of great insight on the similarities between the mens and women’s game and how he is bringing those concepts to teaching team defense at NU.
- Had very good drill ideas for those coaching all levels to bring to their practice plans!
Sammy Jo Tracy, Athletes Unlimited Pro/ Team Israel
- Sammy talks everything DRAWS!
- She starts with the warm up drills, the placement strategy, and body positioning.
- She breaks down how to do certain draw techniques against players that draw a certain way.
-Great questions by those watching that everyone found extremely helpful.
Emily Munro, Assistant Stanford
- Great presentation on the Principle Based Offense put into a practice plan with drills and ideas!
- Emily does a great job showing how Stanford works on the Principle Based Offense at practice and the drills that they love to do to get their girls working on this offense. 
- You can see a lot of practice footage and drill ideas for you to take with you to your teams!
I learned a ton this week from the 5 speakers that really had a lot of great knowledge and interesting ideas and concepts. I just recently watched the Backyard Curriculum webinar on the JM3 content and in combination with Emily’s presentation it was a great preparation for me to install a lot of the drills and concepts at my next HHH practice on Sunday. Every week the teams get better at pick up and keep away and working together. The more that we can keep staying with the concepts and drills will help them build unstoppable chemistry and extremely smart IQ lacrosse players. I have fully started to work with JM3 Sports now so I look forward to working with the JM3 athletes, coaches and bringing back our inside the 8 podcast very soon!!!

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