Faster Matters MORE Than Anything Else

- Mike Boyle, Internationally recognized expert in strength and conditioning. 

Measure Speed Improvements

with the FreeLap System 

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Without question, coaches are looking to recruit speed!  Coaches want all kinds of athletic traits and they also want kids who have experience in the weight room, but above all else is speed. 

If you want a model that will G-U-A-R-A-N-T-E-E your son or daughter gets faster, listen to this podcast with world renowned strength and conditioning coach, Mike Boyle.  The model is amazingly simple: Timed 10 yard sprints with a FreeLap timing system. 

As Mike Boyle says, "If you're not timing yourself, it's not speed training."

Why?  Because the only way to get faster is to run your fastest.  And if you're not timing yourself how do you know?  The difference between an average time and a personal record is the difference between 98% and 100%.  When you run 100% there are neurological responses that don't happen at lower levels of intensity.


FreeLap Configurations


Freelap Pro BT112

$535.00 – $659.00


Freelap Pro Coach BLE 112

$1,265.00 – $1,389.00

Freelap Pro BT424

$1,559.00 – $1,809.00

Freelap Pro BT824

$2,399.00 – $2,649.00

Freelap Pro Coach BLE 424

$1,939.00 – $2,189.00

Freelap Pro Coach BLE 824

$2,469.00 – $2,719.00