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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!

Virtual Lacrosse Summit Q4

I am so excited to announce the line up of speakers for the Q4 Virtual Lacrosse Summit!  Beginning at 10am ET on October 14th and running through Thursday 10/17, we have some of the top players and coaches in the world of men's lacrosse, women's lacrosse, box lacrosse, and field lacrosse and strength & conditioning.  Five Webinars per day!  It's Shark Week for lacrosse!

I have pre-recorded a bunch of these webinars already and they're awesome!  

 Summit Q4 Speakers

  1. Chip Davis, Head Coach and Admissions Director, Deerfield Academy, "Choosing a Prep School."
  2. Rob Bray, Assistant Coach,  Vanderbilt Women’s Lacrosse, "Off Ball Movement" 
  3. Jake Elliott, NLL Analyst, Canada / Iroquois Gold Medal Game Breakdown
  4. Kylie Ohlmiller, Grad Asst Stony Brook, USA Team: Video Breakdown of Kylie's highlights
  5. John Sung, Head Coach Virginia Tech, "The Chaser Zone Defense"
  6. Chelsea Gamble, Head Coach Oregon Women's Lacrosse: "Favorite drills"
  7. Andy Towers, Head Coach PLL Chaos, Championship Game Breakdown
  8. Will Manny Assistant Coach Utah, PLL Archers,  Player Breakdown 
  9. Darris Kilgour, NLL Hall of Fame, NLL Championship player and coach,  Mann Cup Breakdown
  10. Mike Phipps, Offensive Coordinator Georgetown, "Playing Fast & in the Gray"
  11. Mike Silipo, Offensive Coordinator Boston University, "Fundamentals Make Offense Easy"
  12. Sean Kirwan, Offensive Coordinator Virginia, Championship Weekend Offense Breakdown
  13. Matt Bocklet, Head Coach Cherry Creek HS, 3x MLL Champion with Denver Outlaws, 2007 NCAA National Champion JHH, Assistant coach Denver Outlaws, Player Breakdown
  14. Gene Ubriaco, Head Coach Loyola Blakefield, “The Cheat Code to Developing Champions of Character and Competition”
  15. Jason Childs, Head Coach St Mary’s, Operating in the Gray
  16. Kyle Hannan, Head Coach, Mercer, "3 man attack plays" 
  17. Ted Bergman: Assistant Coach Harvard, Goalie, "Commonly Taught Goalie Principles That Make No Sense To Me!"
  18. Ted Kroeten, Joy of The People,  The Power of Free Play
  19. Randy Staats, MLL & NLL All-Star, One of my favorite players to watch on the planet, Player Breakdown
  20. Mike Boyle, Strength & Conditioning, NCAA Division I, MLB Red Sox, NHL Bruins, "Complete Youth Training"  

A Great New Keep Away Drill

I have a GREAT new drill for you!  It's called 3v2 Keep Away Post up.  The ability to be comfortable initiating contact, being able to see the field, fake and feed while soaking the physicality of the defense is critical for all players.  I love this drill because it scales the crap out of this scenario!

Generally speaking, I love keep away drills because the scale the crap out of reps of whatever you're hoping to teach and simultaneously, there is a level of unstructured-ness to it that allows for processing and decision making by the players on their own.

Coaching Lacrosse

The JM3 Coaches Training Program has been a game changer for the coaches who have subscribed!  Time and again we have received feedback like this text I received while writing this blog!

The reason this program a game changer is because in my never ending search for lacrosse information and my non stop thinking, watching, studying, coaching, all levels of lacrosse, I make discoveries.  Discoveries that are a game changer for me!  Discoveries like the power of free play, or Hang up 2man, or the subtleties of the Backhand Pump.  So many times, just like I'm sure happens to you, these discoveries have been right in front of me but I couldn't see them!  I guess because I wasn't ready to see them!  Hang up 2man is a perfect example of what I mean.  This is an absolute total shift in how I look at, think about, and explain 2man game, yet I already knew many of the pieces in this concept.  Anyway, if you're in this program you get to be on my journey of seeking out everything possible in The Great Game of Lacrosse!

Coaches Training Program 2 minute Tour

If you want to take a sneak peak at what the content is like in the CTP, check out this short 2:28 minute video that gives you a really quick tour!  

College Lacrosse Recruiting

I’m going to make a strong statement: the class of 2021 is the most “under-evaluated” class in the history of college lacrosse recruiting.  With the inception of the new rules in the spring of 2017, the class of 2021 was put on the back burner until last fall, and since fall ball is generally brutal, short (6 days long), cold, etc, the reality is that it was really not until this past summer that college programs really dug into the evaluation of this class.  In the early recruiting days, coaches would see kids beginning in 8th grade summer and continue to see them for four years.  On the other hand, back in the day when recruiting happened in the fall of senior year, coaches were able to get a handle on an entire class in one summer, but that was 15 years ago! Today there are so many more players and events, it’s not possible for an entire staff to to see everyone in depth much less the main recruiting decision maker on the staff.  
As you may be aware, most college coaches watch a half a game at a time.  Then over the course of the summer, the staff may have seen a good club team play 5 times (five halves) over the course of the summer.  In this small sample size, it’s unlikely the coach will have a handle on a deep roster of talent.  The games are so short! How many touches might a player get in a half of a game?  The answer is not many!  
The result of this "Under-evaluated-ness" for the 2021 class will simply be that this fall and next summer coaches are going to continue to dive deep into evaluating class 2021 to find studs.  If you haven't received the kind of interest you think you deserve, be patient!  Coaches don't know who you are yet!  But they will!
And with coaches needing to watch 2021's this fall and next summer, you can count on the class of 2022 becoming the most under-evaluated class in the history of college lacrosse recruiting!
More Recruiting Info!
Below is an excerpt from my Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcast with Navy Head Coach Joe Amplo were we discuss recruiting position by position.  It's very interesting!

Have a great weekend!


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