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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!   

If you are a men's or women's lacrosse player, coach, or parent, I think you will love the weekly content, videos, and analysis.



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We are in the process of ramping up the content on our JM3 YouTube Channel with videos, webinars, breakdowns, training clips, men's lacrosse, women's lacrosse, box lacrosse, podcasts and more!  Over the past five years, I have produced endless instructional lacrosse content and now I'm going into the JM3 archives and sharing some of my all time favorite stuff!  Hopefully this will give you a thirst for more!  Please note that the YouTube content is the tip of the iceberg.  I literally have 15,000 videos on my Vimeo and am creating new ideas, new drills, new games, and advancing new concepts on a weekly basis.  Please subscribe to the channel and if you want more, become a subscriber to the CTP!


Extra Man Offense For Dummies

This 20 minute video from the JM3 YouTube Channel is a simple yet comprehensive breakdown of Extra Man Offense that explains all of the components to developing a great man up unit.  With this information, you will understand the foundation of every man up look imaginable, the skills that make these looks possible, as well as how to integrate EMO skills and concepts into your practice plans.

Below is the list of skills, concepts, movements and drills with video examples each one from college games, NLL and high school practices.

The Passes: Carry/Drag passes, crank passes, skip passes, no look passes, lever passes, BTB passes, one time passes, no cradle passing, wall passes, underhand passes, wind up passes,, pull passes and reverse pull passes.

The Shots: Screen shots, double fake finishes, face dodge finsihes, low high wind ups, high low wind ups, one timers, leaners, anti leaners, pull shots, elevators, twisters, wall pass turn around shots

The Fakes: wind ups, look back fakes, pump a head fakes, drag and pumps, hard pumps, BTB fakes

The positioning: stepping in for a shot or one more, pincing the pipes, the slot, low outlet, wing shooter, perimeter, vs pressure, crease man when locked off, push and pull spacing

The Movements: 2man shallow cuts, 3man crease and two perimeter, 4man DU / Cuse looks, roll offs from X, wing and top, Cuts single and double, Seal plays/slips

The Drills: crank passing, 3man circle passing, various shooting drills vs goalies, 3v2 variations, 4v3 variations, Buckeye Build up add shallow cuts, 5v4 variations, 

 There are tons of great EMO looks to choose from, and if you clearly understand how to develop the components, you will have a great extra man unit. 


A 4v4 Breakdown of ASU Women's Lacrosse

In January 2021 I ran a two day preseason camp for Arizona State Women's Lacrosse team.  ASU, under Tim McCormack, now Head Coach Johns Hopkins lacrosse, ran the Principles Based Offense with an emphasis on simultaneous pick actions combined with ball movement.  This breakdown is a phenomenal glimpse into the detail that goes into reading defensive coverage to find advantages, fueling advantages with deception, capitalizing on the advantages with ball movement, and the communication which is the glue of the offense.  

How To Teach 5v4 Drills With A Defensive Emphasis

I created this Micro-Training almost five years ago when I launched the JM3 Coaches Training Program!  This video has definitely stood the test of time as a simple and solid breakdown on how to teach 5v4's with an emphasis on defense.

5v4 situations occur frequently in a lacrosse game!  Transition, man down when you lock the crease and rotate four or if you're two men down, and finally, 5v4's occur in 6v6 every time there is a slide and recovery or double team.  When the defense is in the middle of a double or slide and recovery there are four players left to guard five.  Mastering 5v4 coverages is critical for all phases of the game.

The video kicks off with a three step install progression.  First, we focus on defensive roles and responsibilities as well as the rotation itself with a rep in "Slow motion" allowing the defenders to understand the rotation for the particular offensive formation as well as practice communicating their roles of "Ball", "Left / Right" and "I've got 2".  Second, I like to practice 5v4's with pressure and rotations including players rotating behind the net.  This doesn't mean I would always pressure an opponent or play the ball behind the net in a 5v4 situation, in a game i might want our defense to stay in front and slow play the ball., However, practicing pressure and playing the ball behind forces more and faster rotations which is healthy for the defensive development.  There's nothing worse than watching a 5v4 drill where the four poles sit in a box the whole time and don't move!  Finally, we add movement by having the offense carry and shallow cut to create a more dynamic situation for the defense.

We also dive into the responsibilities of the defensive roles in a 5v4:

  • "Ball" we must pressure the ball enough that our opponent can't have a close and easy feed, but not follow you too far.
  • "Left / Right" the players guarding the adjacent pass have three responsibilities: Their man, skip passes and crease help.
  • "I've got 2" the backside player primarily has crease responsibility, must be ready to rotate into adjacent position, get a stick on a skip, fly out to a skip pass with a lead poke posture.

In this video we use three basic offensive formations or offensive set ups that provide the key looks for the defense as well as an explanation of the coverages and rotations:

  • One behind, Wing, Wing, Top, Top which is like a 1-3-2 with no crease
  • House Set up, or a 33 without the crease
  • Box and one or Five on a Die 2-1-2 set up

There is no question that 5v4 drills are critical to the development and success of your team and i highly recommend you dive into this video and try these concepts!


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