A Lacrosse Weekend 11.5.22

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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!   

If you are a men's or women's lacrosse player, coach, or parent, I think you will love the weekly content, videos, and analysis.



Ryan Danehy Podcast

This week I had a great conversation with new Mercer Head Coach Ryan Danehy about his lacrosse journey, his mentors, what he learned from each one of them and how he wants to play now that he's a first time head coach!

RD's 16 year journey includes coaching stops (in reverse chronological order) at: Bucknell as Offensive Coordinator, NY Lizards, Penn Volunteer, 3d Lacrosse Director of Methodology, The University of Michigan, and Dartmouth where he coached for both Bill Wilson and PLL Chaos Head coach Andy Towers.  Ryan's knowledge of the game through years of experiences with great coaches around comes out loud and clear!

Ryan is a whirlwind of energy and hearing him talk about his passion for his players, their physical, emotional and mental health along with how he develops them to play their game in the context of hyper competitiveness is undoubtedly going to create an avenue for success.

Click here to listen to this RD Podcast!

Listen to more of the Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcast with Jamie Munro >>> www.PHILACROSSEOPHY.com <<<

Single Invert 

I learned this look from PLL Head Coach Andy Towers back when he was an assistant at Dartmouth and although it his highly scripted and doesn't line up exactly with the Principles Based Offense of ball movement, simultaneous picking in 2man and 3man actions, it is a phenomenal change up that I have successfully utilized over the years at the end of games or in overtime when we needed a goal!  You will LOVE this 9:38 in depth breakdown of one of the best looks i know!

I am sharing great content like this for free to the JM3 YouTube Channel from the JM3 Coaches Training Program because I've. been on such an amazing learning curve through my own evolution as well as through all the new webinars created in our Virtual Lacrosse Summit that I want to give you all a taste!

This short single Invert video breaks down exactly how to install each the looks based on how the defense will play you.  Enjoy!  And win some games!


Deep Ride

In 1999, my first year of coaching at the University of Denver, Mike Murphy now Head Coach at Penn, was at the time out of coaching, but he was on business in Denver so he stopped by one of my practices.  I remember distinctly him telling me about a deep zone ride  where you zone up the mid line with your attack and then zone up a row of midfielders (short/long/short) just behind the attackmen and it was a great way slow down your opponent creating the equivalent to a "Zone Trap" in hockey.

Over the course of the next fifteen to twenty years I evolved this ride into a very effective ride at the DI, high school, and even the club level.  It is remarkably easy to install and if you prioritize not giving up transition by  getting your attack and mids back to the midline and guarding their mids along the way, you can build this into an easy way to sub personnel, create turnovers, as well as bump it up to a 10 man ride.

This ride is broken down explicitly in this 23:39 minute short webinar.  This is another example of the endless great content in the JM3 Coaches Training Program.  We have so much that we're sharing the older stuff to make way for the new great stuff!


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The Colorado Girls Training Camp

The highlight video below is a perfect illustration of the big picture what we're working on with our JM3 Athletes: learning how to recognize what the defense is offering and finding creative solutions to the coverages.  2man game is our preferred environment for working on this concept because it provides opportunities on literally every action to create an advantage based on whether the defense switches or stays!  Watch dodgers manipulating their defender either to "invite" or "Bait" them over a pick when pressured or slowing down to engage the switch while simultaneously keeping their original defender on the hook, opening up the picker for a pick and roll or a Nations Look.  The art of looking for the advantage of getting two on one, amplifying the advantage with deception, capitalizing on the advantage with ball movement all the while leveraging the power of communication!

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