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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!   

If you are a men's or women's lacrosse player, coach, or parent, I think you will love the weekly content, videos, and analysis.

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Top 10 Skills JM3 Athletes Need To Master:

As a JM3 Athlete, you will learn an inordinate number of cutting edge skills and concepts and I know it can be overwhelming.  Over time you will learn all of these skills, but below are the Top 10 Skills I want all of our JM3 Athletes to have!

 Top 10 Skills you Need to Master:

  1. Punch Move
  2. Reach Finish / Twister Finish Combination
  3. Dead Shoulder / Spin Hook Combination
  4. Multi Hitch Wind up / Screen Shot Combination
  5. Backhand Pump underneath / Hard Pump or Underhand Hitches top side
  6. Quick Hitch Hesitation right after you get a step / while initiating contact
  7. BTB Feeding
  8. The Low-High Wind up
  9. Dodge, Bounce, Re-dodge
  10. Hang up 2man


Below is a video example of each of these skills! 


1.  Punch Move: This move is off the charts!  It's the best way I've ever seen to get a BIG step on a defender.  Find more info in the Double Threat skill section!



2a.  Reach Finish: Your stick has eyes that can see what the eyes in your head cannot.  Find more in the Finishing section!



2b.  Twister Finish: opens up near side angle and changes the swing angle of a shot i a very deceptive manner.  Find out more on this in the Finishing section!



3a.  Dead Shoulder: I learned this from Ryder Garnsey, this one foot hesitation / rocker is one of the most powerful and important moves any player can learn.  Find more on this in the End of the Dodge and Hesitations sections!



3b.  Spin Hook: any time you're gonna spin, use your spin hook!  Especially to their bottom hand!  Find more on this in the Post up and Change of Direction secitons!



4.  Multiple Hitch: When box players make it look easy, this is what they're doing!  Find more on this in the Wind up section!



5a.  Hard Pump: When you get top side into space, this move is epic!  Find more on this in the Faking section.



5b.  Backhand Pump: This should be an automatic move when you go underneath.  Find more on this in the Faking section.



Coach Damon over at Lax Goalie Rat is putting on another amazing Goalie Summit. Head on over to VirtualGoalieSummit.com and grab a free stream pass. There is also some premium VIP passes you should really consider for learning from the best goalies in the world.


6.  Quick Hitch: It is counter intuitive to hesitate after you have made a move and gotten a step, but it's critical to not allow your defender to time up your shot or feed.  Further, it will impact the timing of sliders.


7.  BTB Feeds: this skill is low hanging fruit for increasing production as well as creating a wow factor.  To me this skill is a fundamental.



8.  The Low High Wind up: This Time and Room shooting technique is the way 85% of Canadian and Native Box Players shoot.  You will see a slow smooth lift as well as a hard pump and lift, but in both cases the idea is to start your wind up low, lift high, which lifts the goalie up allowing you to pull the ball near side low with a TeeterTotter or push it far side high with a Leaner.  In addition, this Wind up naturally creates a Front Foot Hesitation which throws off the goalies timing as to when to move.  Watch the goalie in this video as much as you watch the shooters!  You will see them handcuffed on the low shots, and twitching/guessing on the high shots!



9.  Dodge, Bounce, Re-dodge: Every player needs to have this combination of moves in their repertoire.  First, a good defense isn't just going to give you a speed dodge to the net.  Second, this takes advantage of the efficiencies of low wing dodging.  Third, anytime you can manufacture a defensive approach in the middle of a dodge, it is a big time advantage.



10a.  Hang up 2man, The Switch :  Don't run into a switch!  Engage your man and the switch, get two on you, two on the picker, or attack the open side when picker exits on a roll to the net.  Watch the entire webinar on Hang up 2man in the 2man game section!



Listen to more of the Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcast with Jamie Munro >>> www.PHILACROSSEOPHY.com <<<

More switch scenarios and Hang up 2man from box lacrosse!



10b.  Hang up 2man, Defense goes under :If the Defense goes under, set the pick closer to the net and shoot!



10c. Hang up 2man, Invite them over: Don't run a defender into a pick, invite them over the top and put them in a permanent trail position!



Part 2. | Top 10 Lessons Learned from Pickup Lacrosse, By Mikey Thompson, Head Coach Christopher Newport University
 Click here to read Part 1
In the summer of 2019, I started Amped Lax Pickup in Virginia Beach. It's a super informal group of local kids, high school players, college players, and coaches. We simply post a time and place for games (usually public tennis courts to keep the ball in play), bring the small nets and tennis balls, throw our sticks in a pile to pick teams and play. Some version of 3x "3 by" is normally the game of choice. No parents (unless they want to play), no $, no refs, no coaching, and to use the Amped Lax motto, "no excuses." It's competitive, it's fun, it's a great workout, and the skill development opportunities are endless! Here are the Top 10 Lessons Learned playing in this free-play environment. 
1) Your stick has eyes! Reach finishes and twisters open up angle that the eyes on your head might not see.
2) Learn how to bait people on defense. Act like you don't see the skip lane and then make a play. 
3) Develop a repertoire of skills with your off-hand. There's no better time to get comfortable with it!
4) Shoot the diagonals. If you want to go nearside low- put your hands and eyes farside high and pull it. Hit a leaner farside high with hands and head nearside low. 
5) Lifting your hands as if you are feeding will get sticks in the air and create opportunities to dodge. A dodging double threat posture will create opportunities to shoot and feed.
6) Find your screen! Always look to hitch and shoot around a defender to make it harder for the goalie to track.
7) BTB's are fundamental. They are a solution when a defender's stick is in your way, when you are losing angle on a finish, or when you feel frontside pressure inside. 
8) Toughness. There will be blood! Keep your cool. 
9) Transition Rules. Get ahead of the ball. If you're not covered- get covered. Once you're covered- move it. (Andy Shay) 
10) Clutch! Experience the ball in your stick when it's next goal wins and stick one!    


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Have a great weekend!

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