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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!   

If you are a men's or women's lacrosse player, coach, or parent, I think you will love the weekly content, videos, and analysis

Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcast

Kevin Corrigan, Head Coach, Notre Dame University

I LOVE talking lacrosse with KC!  Such a smart guy, and fun to talk lacrosse with!  I've learned a lot of lacrosse from Kevin Corrigan: as a young coach I studied the way ND played offense and defense; when I was done coaching at Denver i had the opportunity to visit ND several times, I've had numerous sit down white board (Or dinner napkin) X's and O's sessions, as well as fairly regular phone conversations where we talk shop.  I always learn!

I think you will love this podcast where we discuss what he's been doing lately to sharpen his saw, how to teach the full field game, the way his defensive and offensive philosophies have evolved over the years and more!

 Here is an excerpt from our podcast where we were talking about offense.  I think you'll find it very interesting!

If you want to see what offense looks like where "The ball finds the action" check out this clip of Deerfield Lacrosse from last year!


There will be a lot of new content in the JM3 Coaches Training Program on the Principles Based Offense, which will be a game changer for your program!

Jamie Munro, "A Season in a Box."  Last March I had the incredible opportunity to coach the Deerfield boys lacrosse team down at their spring break at IMG in Florida.  Long time coach Chip Davis wasn't allowed to coach the team due to Covid so, with his blessing, I ran a one week program to prepare the team for what would end up being their first National Championship season!   This webinar both outlines the philosophy behind the practice plans as well as uses film clips from Deerfield Spring Break 2021.

  • Free Play
  • Feed The Cats
  • Create Game-Like Practice Environments
  • Principles Based Offense and Defense
  • The Drills 

Check out exactly all the drill and skills that helped Deerfield!

Go to ASeasonInABox.com

Inside The 8 Podcast

Danielle Spencer, Head Coach, Stanford University

Inside the 8 Podcast co-host Colleen Magarity and I had a blast doing this podcast with Danielle Spencer!  We talked a lot about building culture, about how her offensive style of play, which is a box lacrosse on the field model of two man actions occurring on and off ball simultaneously, her man to man defense as well as transition and recruiting.

Check out this video excerpt on Stanford's offensive "Style of play."

If you want to see what on ball and off ball pick actions occurring simultaneously looks like box lacrosse check out this clip!  The ball is being passed in the middle of a 2man game on ball and off ball! 

If you want to see video of a HS team running actions like Danielle is talking about, check out the JM3 Coaches Training Program!  You can study the same content that Danielle studied to learn the box on the field offense, or what I call the Principles Based Offense.

Remembering The Late Great Dave Huntley


December 18th 2017 went from being one of the greatest days ever, to being one of the worst days ever. 

We were in Delray Beach, Florida with a small group of family and friends on the first day of an epic Lacrosse and Beach Vacation.  My cousin Joe Dowling had the idea to create a Fantasy Camp for our kids and their friends to train, learn and play pick up down in Florida right before Christmas. 

Here was our fantasy camp line up:

Dave Huntley: A member of both the Canadian and USA Hall of Fame, a coach in both MLL and NLL, a 3x All American midfielder at Johns Hopkins, the architect of Team Canada's 2006 gold medal, a high school coach at Calvert Hall and one of the most beloved, trusted and respected people in lacrosse history.

Darris Kilgour: one of the top five or ten box lacrosse players and coaches of all time and easily one the smartest lacrosse minds I've ever been around.  Darris was also very tight with Hunts as they had worked on the same NLL Washington Power staff.

Casey Powell:  All time great guy and player, playing pick up games with Casey Powell gives you an idea of not only how skilled and smart he was, but also what an amazing teammate he is!  So much energy, positivity, and passion! 

Gary Gait: Gary came in the day after the tragedy.  Gary was very close with Hunts through their days of Team Canada, NLL Lacrosse and as business partners.  Gary played pick up with the kids as well and it was like playing with Michael Jordan.  You could get a sense for his brilliance and his power.  

Jeff "Mother Wack" Goldberg, a fixture in south Florida lacrosse, an All-American midfielder at NC State, a highly successful high school coach at St Andrew's that put Florida lacrosse on the map nationally

Nick Gorman: Defender MLL Atlanta Blaze.  we brought him in less to coach and more to play D against our attackmen at camp.

This Fantasy Camp had a morning session of instruction and an evening session of Free Play.  After an amazing morning session, we were all excited to play!  We had enough players for two ends of an outdoor rink, our usual winner's court, loser's court set up.  Hunts ended up jumping into the first game of the night, scored a hat trick including the game winner, on a team with my daughter Lucy and my cousin Joe jr. 

You can hear Hunts say, "Alright, we win!"

This is crazy, but Hunts would say all the time that he would probably have a "Jammer" at a lacrosse camp.  I guess the only solace we can take from his premonition is that he truly was having an incredible day doing what he loved!

Those of us who were there that first year of Delray created a bond that will never be broken.  A bond of a love for Hunts, who touched the lives of everyone of us, a bond in lacrosse which we all shared with Hunts and each other, and the bond of living through a trauma and supporting each other in a very difficult time.

Today is the anniversary of Hunts's passing as well as the kick off of the 5th Annual Delray Beach and Lacrosse Vacation.  I sure wish Dave Huntley was with us.  We miss you Dave.

Tributes to Dave Huntley By Bryan Kelly

Hunts and BK were best friends and had coached together at Calvert Hall for many years.  Listen to BK's thoughts and memories of his great friend.  #LetsHunt

Tribute to Dave Huntley By Spencer Ford

Spencer Ford and Dave Huntley became great friends coaching and building teams together in the MLL. Dave is the Godfather to Spencer's son Jaxson, who is in the video.  Listen to Spence talk about Hunts!


Tribute to Dave Huntley By Jamie Munro 

I miss you Dave.  I have so many things I want to talk to you about!  


Learning from the NLL

The Power of Posture

As I tell my JM3 Athletes all the time, the defense is reading your every move.  If you project what you're doing they will surely have more success guarding than if you did not.  Using various postures allows us to deceive the competition!  One of the best ways to feed, is to make the goalie and the defenders think you're shooting, using a big wind up, looking at the net.  The defense will read your postures



Matthews 1 Hand Feed

I love watching NLL Lacrosse!  And I love watching Mark Matthews play NLL Lacrosse.  His ability to be creative, to solve problems with an array of skills is breathtaking.  I love the way he feeds with one hand, opening up amazing angle and often surprising an un suspecting defense. 


Watch this play where Austin Staats sells shot with one hand then drops a dime inside to Miles Thompson.  Incredible!  


Where are you going to learn how to feed with one hand?  On the wall?  In partner passing drills?  How about in a 2v1 drill?  If wall ball worked, everyone would have sick skills and creativity!  Watch below these kids experimenting with different backhand and one hand fakes and passes!


Danielle Spencer on Recruiting

Check out this excerpt from the Inside the 8 Podcast where she talks about how she's changed the way she recruits based on the way she is playing the game!

Check out LacrosseRecruitingSecrets.com to see more recruiting secrets from from the top lacrosse coaches from around the country. 

Have a great weekend!


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