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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!   

If you are a men's or women's lacrosse player, coach, or parent, I think you will love the weekly content, videos, and analysis.  

Hostage Dribble

For the past several years, I've been teaching my JM3 Athletes in both boys and girls lacrosse the Hostage Dribble concept of getting a step on your man, cutting them off, and keeping them on your back .  Common in hoops, Hostage Dribble is an amazing way to buy time and space while giving yourself a great chance to create separation.

Watch this portion of an amazing breakdown by Alex Sarama of Basketball Immersion of Luka Doncic vs the "Drop Coverage" and you will learn a better sense of the power and opportunity of the Hostage Dribble!  If you want to see the whole breakdown for Alex's brilliant video, click here.

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Watch the way Jeff Teat cuts his guy off, keeps him on his back, and uses the defender's effort to regain position to create separation for a roll back to his left hand.  This is similar to Luka allowing or baiting defenders to regain separation in setting up his step back.

Here's a great example of a women's lacrosse player using the Hostage Dribble concept at our winter training camp for JM3 Athletes in Delray Beach, FL.  As Alex Sarama states, this technique buys time and space for decision making which can be seen clearly here!  

As you can see from the video below, I've got JM3 Athletes using this counter intuitive dodging concept!

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Spain Looks

We have had some incredible girls training for our JM3 Athletes in Colorado over the past few weeks where we have been installing the Principles Based Offense.  This offense affords opportunities for the girls to be creative in on and off ball situations using many different 2man and 3man actions.  The focus has been running Ram Screens, Middle Entry Action, Nations Looks/Give & Go's, and Spain Looks on and off bal.  The players can use any of these as they see fit based on coverage and advantage / no advantage.  Defensively we have the girls cover picks in three ways: pressure with a late switch (if necessary), switch, and double.  The constant changing of the defense gives the offense a chance to truly recognize coverages and therefore practice those corresponding solutions.  

We set a lot of Ram Screens where there is an off ball pick before an on ball pick with one player in the off ball action cutting to the net while the other player pops and prepares to work a 2man action on ball. The player that cuts has options: pop out to be an outlet for a Nations or Give & Go, rotate behind the net allowing the X girl to cycle in to the ball side as an outlet for a Nations or Give & Go, or come back to be a picker. A second picker might be a second pick for the ball or a Staggered Pick or it might be a pick for the picker known as a Spain look is a good option.  

Watch the Spain Looks from this 7v7 session and how natural the movements are as well as how effective the action is.

Why are Spain Looks hard to cover?

Imagine you're on defense and you tell a teammate, "Pick left" as you get ready to switch or stay.  Then all of a sudden someone is picking you.  What wold you do?  Switch or Stay?  And what about the first pick?  Spains are much more difficult for the defense to talk through than for the offense to execute.  Try them!

Check out the PLL Chaos scoring on a Spain Slip Below!

Recruiting Update From Colleen!!

The recruiting season has officially started and the 24’s are into their 2nd tournament of the season. Here are a few tips to remember throughout the process.

1. Don’t stress about who is on your sideline and not making certain plays. The coaches may be watching from places you can’t see and they will miss some plays and are some plays. Show up and play hard all the time no matter who is is there and who is not. College coaches utilize the film way more then you think!!

2. Don’t over analyze the hits on your recruiting page. Sometimes coaches look to check and are interested, sometimes they are not. Just stay your path and and get better every day.

3. Reflect and grow after your tournaments. If you didn’t play your best work to make improvements and get better for the next event. Coaches don’t just come one time they will be there all summer evaluating and watching to see improvement.

4. Control what you can control out on the field. Your body language, your work ethic, your off ball offense and defensive communication. You can be great at all of these things every tournament because you are in control of making it happen.

Have fun and good luck! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s process :)

Colleen Magarity
Big 4 HHH
Girls Lacrosse Director

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JM3 Interns Needed

Here at JM3 Sports we are opening up a hiring process for interns for social media, editing, content creation, and videography. We are extremely excited about the JM3 team and mission and are expanding to serve even more athletes and programs. We need your help!

Email me at [email protected] if you have the skills and would like to become a part of our team.

Social Media Interns:

JM3 Sports is looking for a social media team that will help run the day to day operations of all of JM3 social media - Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook

Editing Intern:

JM3 Sports is looking for editors that:
-Can recognize relevant lacrosse plays on offense and defense in both boys and girls lacrosse
-Can identify and keep track of a player or players throughout a game
-Are able to screen record on their computer and have general knowledge of how to use Imovie
-Are able to communicate through text/phone effectively
-Can watch multiple lacrosse games in a day on same day/1 day notice

Highlight Video Editing Intern:

JM3 Sports is looking for editors that:
-Have a computer that can screen record/download games
-Have Imovie or another video editing software
-Have general knowledge about Imovie or other video editing software
-Can format title slides
-Can identify which clips are better than others and organize them from best to worst
-Can use freeze frames and arrows/circles to identify players
-Can communicate effectively through email and text message  

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Have a great weekend! 


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