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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it! 

JM3 Athlete Program

There is one week and three spots remaining in a registration window to sign up for the JM3 Athlete Program.  In this program I work with athletes and families and put them on a trajectory of development and exposure that they would otherwise never know.   I have created a new model of player development that is so effective and such a breath of fresh air you may not believe it!  

For me, this is an exciting time of year to watch the newly minted summer highlight videos from my JM3 Athletes.  The free play model is manifested in improved confidence, poise, ability to slow down, the use of deception and a new repertoire of skills that the boys and girls players actually use in games!  In the Jm3 Athlete program we combine the joy and implicit learning of free play with the power of video.  

This is an investment in your child and it has been wildly effective at helping players and families achieve their goals and follow their dreams. 

If you want to learn more, please take the time to read A Lacrosse Life an in depth bio, which explains how my philosophies have evolved through my experiences as a coach at all levels, an entrepreneur, and a dad of three lax players, two girls and a boy.

If you're interested, email me at [email protected] 

I am happy to provide references from current JM3 Athlete families.

Here's a video of the content I use for my JM3 Athletes

Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcast

The Lacrosse Philosophy podcast is back and better than ever with awesome guests and a new solo podcast initiative where I get to expound on interesting topics.  Subscribe here!

Flying Solo Podcast, Shooting Philosophy, I think you will love this podcast that takes a 50,000 foot look at the art of shooting.  If you are a coach, a player, or a parent, this podcast is worth the listen!

John Tillman, Head Coach Maryland: I have wanted to do a podcast with Tills for a couple years and we finally got a chance to sit down and talk.  Coach Tillman has an amazing combination of humility and an unwavering team first ethic that he transmits to his program.  We chat about his unique path of learning the entire game; from the days at Cornell where he switched from goalie to short stick mid, coaching defense at Ithaca College, and finally making the move to offensive coordinator at Navy.  Tills was prepared in all facets of the game to be a head coach, except you can't really prepare to be a head coach!  Learn about how he replaced a legend at Maryland and how he has become arguably the best coach in the past decade.  Our conversation at the end of the podcast about recruiting in the COVID era is very interesting!

John Basti, Head Coach Sacred Heart: John Basti's love and enthusiasm for his program, for his friends and family, for the game of lacrosse and for his lacrosse program are second to none.  Coach Basti is a student of the game and has proven that self reflection combined with determination can be the foundation of the kind of upward trajectory to which every program aspires.  We touch on John's journey and mentors as well as his philosophies on offense, defense, player development and recruiting.

JM3 Sports' Coaches Training Program is the Largest Online Video Vault for the sport of Lacrosse.

You can google or search YouTube all you want and will not find hundreds and hundreds of hours of lacrosse instruction from top coaches and pros.   

As Coaches we want to bring our players and coaches the most current and most effective skills and strategies in the game.

The Coaches Training Program

covers it all!





Get ready for the 2021 Lacrosse Season by learning from 150+ hours of Education from TOP Pros and Coaches.


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College Lacrosse Recruiting 

The Inside Lacrosse Video Evaluation Product, created by CEO Terry Foy, continues to pioneer the lacrosse ratings and rankings world with its new Video Evaluation Product.  Building upon the efforts the IL Recruiting Database, which has numerically rated thousand of players with scores and ratings derived from in person recruiting efforts, the new Video Evaluation is designed to be more accurate and consistent through the use of video and the systematic approach by trained college coaches.

Here's why I think this product is important:

  • Every player needs expert feedback
  • Find out what college coaches think you need to work on
  • It's a good thing Inside Lacrosse knows who you are

I use video every day with my JM3 Athletes and there is no question, video is a powerful and critical tool in the process of getting better.  You literally don't really know what happened until you watch the film!  Having a college coach evaluate you will make you better.  Period.

If you want to learn more click here and listen to my podcast with Terry Foy all about college lacrosse recruiting and the new IL Video Evaluation Product.

If you want 15% off this product email me at [email protected] and I'll give you a coupon code!


JM3 Recruiting Portal [LEARN MORE]

Go to: 


If you want to learn more about college lacrosse recruiting, check. out the JM3 Recruiting Portal.  I have compiled three years worth of blog posts, interviews, webinars, videos and podcasts to create a source for great recruiting information.

I have done podcasts with dozens of DI men's and women's coaches and have edited out the excerpts on recruiting.  Find out what Lars Tiffany is looking for in a player.  Understand how Kelly Amonte-HIller thinks about recruiting character!

  • 34 Men's Lacrosse video excerpts from The Phi-Lacrosse-ophy Podcasts
  • 9 Women's Lacrosse Video excerpts from The Inside the 8 Podcast
  • 3 hour long video interviews with Ty Xanders on college lacrosse recruiting
  • Girls Lacrosse Recruiting interviews with Colleen Magarity
  • "Re-Classing, Repeating, and Red Shirting" with 3d New England's Matt Rowley
  • Recruiting Webinars: "So you Want to Play College Lacrosse" and "Lacrosse Recruiting Secrets"
  • 25 Recruiting Blog Posts covering everything from how to write an email to a coach to recruiting videos to what coaches are looking for most!

Go to: 


One of the exciting things about this product is that I will continually add new and updated content as I produce it! 



Pro Skills & Sandlot Skills

I think you will love this video showing how some of the most incredible plays of the recent PLL and MLL seasons that were previously executed by a group of family, friends and JM3 Athletes this past summer!  Boys and girls players ranging from middle school through Division I commits and DI players thrived in the Free Play environment, which is a true laboratory for lacrosse experimentation. 

Skills are solutions and the only way to truly take your game to another level is to practice problem solving in real time, implicitly learning through trial and error. 

Below is a list of some of the skills in this video that I narrate with explanation!

  • Tom Schreiber and Lyle Thompson Answer Move
  • Grant Ament Re-Direct Feed
  • Josh Byrne One Hand Between the Legs Shot
  • Grant Ament Feeding By a Defender's Head
  • Ryder Garnsey's Screen Feeds
  • Jay Carlson's Hard Pumps
  • Lyle's BTB Shots
  • Inviting A Defender Over a Pick
  • PLL Chaos Feeding From The Pocket / Off Ball 2man Game
  • Shane Jackson Step Back Shots
  • Austin Staats Curveballs


The Backyard Curriculum 


In quarantine I got busy creating the Backyard Curriculum for my JM3 Athletes and now I"m sharing it with you!  It's so cool and is truly good news!  The good news is that you don't have to have the best training and the best competition to get the best results.  You just have to play.  The Backyard Curriculum shows you the how and the why: how you can do this with family and friends and why it is so important and valuable. 

Here's a virtual tour of the Backyard Curriculum:


A lot of kids are working hard, but few are actually getting better at the game itself.  

Read this article by Raymond Verhejein, a world renowned soccer coach: Isolated Technique Training Slows Down Development.

Most of the world is banging out #Reps on the bounce back, #Reps shooting balls on empty nets, #Reps dodging cones. #Reps in the speed ladder while cradling at the same time.  While there is value in sharpening skills, these #Reps won't actually make you better at playing the game.

I would say the best way to characterize  The  Backyard Curriculum is it teaches a "Feel" for the game.

  • "Feel" for dodging: getting a step, cutting your defender off, hesitations, re-dodges, post ups, 
  • "Feel" for finishing: freezing a goalie, reaching far, twister near, a myriad of fakes
  • "Feel" for faking: Multiple hitches, drags and pumps, backhand and BTB fakes
  • "Feel" for 2man game: Hang up 2man, inviting your defender over, cat & mouse if they go under
  • "Feel" for manipulating your man: backing defender off, inviting pressure, baiting, getting D's stick up in the air
  • "Feel" for looking a pass off while receiving it when you're seemingly covered or recognizing the D isn't looking at the ball and feeding the seemingly covered player
  • "Feel" for Multiple Hitches and setting up approaching defenders 

All the best players became the best players in the backyard! Get started today!




JM3 Sports Internships

I am pleased to announce that JM3 Sports has an internship program that is designed to give college students interested in business an opportunity to gain experience in the world of digital marketing in a real start up company.  The program came abut few weeks back when High Point Head Coach Jon Torpey texted me to say he had a couple players who were in need of a business internship for the fall to complete their masters.  We have so many interesting projects to do, we decided to formalize this initiative.

My CTO, John Hogarth, is a Digital Marketing guru and will coordinate the business side of the program which will consist of cool projects like taking our endless JM3 content and turning it into products, build out social media plans, as well as a critical sales initiative that will include interactions with customers.  While John manages the digital marketing portion, I will be working with the interns on entrepreneurship, the creative side, and of course, cutting edge lacrosse education!

We have room for one more intern.  If you are interested, please send an email with resume and cover letter to me at [email protected].



Have a great weekend! 


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