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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!   

If you are a men's or women's lacrosse player, coach, or parent, I think you will love the weekly content, videos, and analysis.

Bowdoin Head Coach Bill Mason Podcast

I think you will love getting to know Bill Mason on this podcast.  It is no wonder that his players had an epic first season under Mason; he is smart, down to earth, positive and has a great balance between leading and allowing his athletes to do the leading.  Bill clearly has a great thing going at Bowdoin in every way: great school, can recruit top talent, awesome assistant coaches, and a motivated group of kids who love to play!

Check out this excerpt from the podcast where Bill Mason talks about recruiting at Bowdoin College.


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2023 Season is Right Around the Corner! If you are a coach, program, or a player and want to be prepared like never before, the Coaches Training Program (CTP) has cutting edge skills, drills, and strategies to take your game to new heights.

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Principles Based Offense For Women's Lacrosse

I'm excited announce the release "Principles Based Offense" to the JM3 YouTube Channel for the women's lacrosse community to learn a new way of coaching and playing offense that I believe is the future of the sport.  This webinar was part of our 2022 content for the new Principles Based Lacrosse portion of the Women's Coaches Training Program and since we have so much more new content coming on this topic for 2023 I decided to share it for free!

The 5 Principles:

  1. Possession: shot selection, feed selection, and ability to handle pressure.  It is a game of possession.
  2. Passing: great ball movement, during 2man games, swinging the ball, changes defensive roles, spreads the defense out, creates difficult approaches, assisted shots, builds team culture
  3. Picking: simultaneous on ball and off ball pick actions (Picks, slips, seals) are harder for the defense than 1v1 dodges or cuts.
  4. Spacing: keep the middle open, spacing in 2man games, being a threat, actions in the 8
  5. Reading the Defense: once you've got your team executing the first four principles, reading the defense and the situation becomes the upside for the offense and there is an unlimited learning curve with unlimited options for the offense.   There is nothing more impactful than a team that can read the play.

Why Principles Based Lacrosse? 

  • By focusing on these principles you simultaneously open more doors of opportunity and creativity while keep in the emphasis on the most important aspects of winning.
  • On ball picks have higher efficiencies than isolation dodges
  • Picking on ball generates higher assisted shot percentage and assisted shots score at a higher percentage than unassisted shots
  • Picking on ball pulls a defender out of the slide package opening up more backside space
  • Picking on ball generates a higher sticks to the middle shot percentage and shooting with your stick to the middle has a higher shooting percentage than sticks to the outside.
  • The objective in 2man game is to create the advantage of a two on one, a positional advantage, or a match up advantage. 
  • If one defender switches and one defender stays, you have two on one
  • The defense has to cover your 2man game action.  The defense has to communicate their coverage.  If the offense recognizes the coverage the offense can punish the defense and create an advantage.  For example if the defense switches and the picker slips while the dodger engages two defenders, the offense will have a two on one.
  • 3man actions are harder for the defense to communicate than 2man actions and pull another defender out of the slide package.  3man actions off ball allow for actions to occur while facilitating the swing.
  • 2man game has a higher rate of creating an advantage than isolation or 1v1
  • Off ball 2man game has a higher rate of creating advantages than on ball 2man game
  • Running picks simultaneously on offense allows you to create 2-3 actions every five seconds or around 15 potential advantages in 30 seconds
  • Most offenses are reductionist in that they pick, choose and prioritize tiny slivers of the game, whereas in the PBO, there are literally unlimited options and looks, which provides the context for unlimited growth and player development.

This webinar explains the principles and then uses the 2021 ThunderRidge vs Cherry Creek 1/4 final match up to show how the girls ran the PBO vs the Cherry Creek defense which included a face guard on one of our players.  

I hope you enjoy!


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Learn more about JM3's system of implementing the Principles Based Lacrosse methodology. 

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A Season In A Box

I am very excited to release "A Season in a Box" to the JM3 YouTube Channel for everyone to see one of the most important webinars any coach could watch.  This webinar literally explains every drill you will need for your upcoming season and how it integrates the installation of the Principles Based Offense.  I am giving away some incredible content in this webinar, but that's because I have so much more new and updated drills, concepts, and content for the 2023 CTP I wanted to give everyone a taste of what the content is like!

This film is primarily from spring break 2021 with the Deerfield Lacrosse team where due to covid restrictions their coaches couldn't attend and I had the privilege to coach.  Deerfield went on to win the National Championship that year and it was exciting to have had the opportunity to work with these kids and get to know them.  And a big thank you to DA Head Coach Chip Davis for affording me the opportunity!  Chip is a great coach and an even better person and mentor to these kids!

A 50,000 Feet Look at your season:

  • Free Play
  • Feed The Cats 
  • Create Game-like Environments
  • Principles Based Lacrosse on Both Sides of the Ball

 Below is a list of drills presented:

  • Warm up stick work and shooting variations
  • Keep Away variations
  • Small net games
  • Offense vs Offense Motion situations in 2man / 3man games
  • Individual Defense Drills: for on ball, approaches, off ball posture and communication
  • Team Defense Drills: creating the situations for the defenders to learn how to cover as a unit
  • EMO / Transition Drills
  • Ride / Clear Drills
  • 6v6 Build up to preparing your team on both sides of the ball and installing the Principles Based Offense 

This webinar can be your resource for the entire season and a great starting point.  However, the upgraded details and concepts as well as all the new content and 2.0 versions of everything are in the Coaches Training Program.  If you dive into this content and this new paradigm, you will transform your program, your players and your coaches.   

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