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The Coaches Training Program is the largest online lacrosse education platform on the entire internet.

More and more programs at every level of lacrosse are subscribing and learning from the greatest minds in the game.

Our 'Give as a Gift" program allows anyone to purchase the Coaches Training Program and gift an ALL-ACCESS PASS to  an entire program!

Every coach, every player, every parent, everyone!


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Your Gift will give access to all the program's coaches, players, and parents!


Hundreds and  hundreds of hours of lacrosse education to stream and learn.

What is included in your yearly subscription

  1. Coaches Training Program (boys & girls) 
  2. Players Academy (boys & girls)
  3. Skills and Drills Library (boys & girls) 
  4. Defense Academy
  5. Defense Skills and Drills Library
  6. Goalie Academy
  7. Strength & Conditioning Program
  8. Virtual Lacrosse Summit (VLS)

BONUSES (Future content being added to your subscription) 

  1. Bonus #1: all upcoming CTP live training and coaching calls
  2. Bonus #2: all upcoming “in season” player breakdowns and game analysis
  3. Bonus #3: access to subscriber only podcast deep dive discussion
  4. Bonus #4: access to all 100 future Virtual Lacrosse Summit speaker session
  5. Bonus #5: ability to make suggestions for the blog and podcast.
  6. Bonus #6: direct access to me via email to get your own questions answered
  7. Bonus # 7: early access to all the podcasts we do with the top coaches & players
  8. Bonus # 8: coming soon; exclusive access to our phone app
  9. Bonus # 9:  coming soon; exclusive access to some CTP content on Amazon’s “Alexa”
  10. Bonus # 10: coming soon; free tickets to our weekly “Lacrosse Live” show

Welcome to the largest online lacrosse video vault on the internet.


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New educational content is added each week creating an endless stream of new and fresh content. 


The Coaches Training Program really is the gift that keeps giving!