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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!   

If you are a men's or women's lacrosse player, coach, or parent, I think you will love the weekly content, videos, and analysis. 

A Big Recruiting Advantage This Summer

An onslaught of summer tournaments, showcases, and events is right around the corner and I want to share one of the biggest hacks your son or daughter can take advantage of in this extremely competitive world of college lacrosse recruiting:

Rest, Recovery and Sleep.  

Stacking events back to back (or worse) will leave an athlete with a lesser performance. Period.  Being 100% fresh will allow an athlete to have a peak performance.  This is going to happen one way or another!

Don't underestimate sleep!!!!!!!

"Athletic performance is predicated on improving adaptive capacity, or the ability to adapt to physical and psychological stress. The equation for this stress + rest = adaptation. Sleep is our primary adaptive mechanism, and is a game-changer for for anyone seeking to optimize human performance." - Erik Korem

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Check out the excerpt from my podcast with Erik Korem on the power of sleep!  


Click here for  the full podcast I did with Erik Korem's on High Performance and click here for a recent Erik Korem podcast "How Temperature Impacts Sleep." 

The gurus I work with like Tony Holler for speed, Mike Boyle for strength and conditioning and Erik Korem on High performance all have a similar philosophy of "Minimum Effective Dose."  Basically, do only as much as you need to in order to create an adaptation and prioritize rest, recovery and sleep.  Below are a couple quotes that Tony and Mike shared for this blog!

 “We heal and grow when we sleep sleep. Training is the stimulus, recovery provides the adaptation.”  Tony Holler

“Rest matters. Sleep matters. The number of hours of sleep before midnight matters. Good nutrition matters. It all matters. Cliches are cliches because they're true. You can’t burn the candle at both ends!"  Mike Boyle 

A big part of recruiting is getting seen! 

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Shooting: Quality > Quantity

Whereas most coaches focus on maximizing the quantity of reps in a shooting drill, this blog is going to teach you how to focus on the quality of reps!

This past week I was running a training session for JM3 Athletes and the Georgia Tigers program in Atlanta and experimented with turning one of my favorite 1v1 drills into an amazing shooting drill.  D2P2 stands for Dodger, Defender, Picker, Passer and was originated as an on ball / off ball 1v1 game that my kids and I played during Covid Lockdown in April 2020.  I've run this drill many times and it's amazing for teaching kids how to read their defender in on ball and off ball 1v1 picking situations simulating "No switch."  

The alteration I made to this drill is simple: the defense isn't allowed to check or cross check, but is encouraged to play as aggressively with their feet as they can all the while giving the shooter different looks of pressure, under the pick, and over the pick.  

Each shooter gets five reps in a row where they have to first read and influence the defender to get open, then score the shot.  There are amazing opportunities for learning from all 5 players involved:

  • The cutter must watch the defender not the ball, try and figure out how the defender wants to play him and either curl or pop, waiting to look at the feeder when they're actually open.  The cutter will learn how to sell curl to set up a pop and sell pop to bait the defender out to set up a a curl.  Then the cutter becomes a shooter / finisher using hitches and screen shots on the pop and handling and finishing on the curl.
  • The Defender is trying as hard as he can to play defense using only his feet and purposely giving different looks to the cutter so the cutter has to make different reads.
  • The Feeder is reading the defender the same way the cutter is reading the defender and learns how to anticipate what will be open!  The Feeder will also learn that if the defender is not looking at the ball, he can feed it to an open stick!
  • The Picker is learning how to set a pick within shooting range (so the pop out is a threat) as well as how to adjust the pick.  Eventually I would teach the picker how set moving picks while looking for the ball with their stick up, even though the picker is not a feeding option in this drill.
  •  The goalie gets a more realistic rep of a rushed shooter than he would get in a no defense shooting drill.

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Wanna Get Faster?

If you don't know Tony Holler, I highly recommend you listen to this podcast and get your athletes training for speed, prioritizing performance, and get on board with the Feed The Cats program.  

Tony's Atomic Workout is designed for kids who want to get faster, but don't have a ton of extra time.  I've had Tony working with my JM3 Athletes and he came up with this simple yet effective approach because so many of the kids I work with have so much stuff going on, they just couldn't consistently get speed training going.  This workout takes 15 minutes and it is guaranteed to make you faster!

How do we know?  Because you will time yourself with a FreeLap Timer and you will know your flying 10 yard time!  And you will be hunting new personal records every time you train.  If you're not timing yourself and not hunting for a new PR, then it's not going to be effective training.  Period!

Check out the Tik Tok below to see how easy it is to do this workout and use the FreeLap Timing System!


Check out our Lacrosse Athlete Program collaboration with Mike Boyle, world-wide recognized fitness expert. Go to: LacrosseAthlete.com

GET FASTER with the FREELAP timer: Get yours here GET TIMER

HHH / JM3 Integration

I announced a couple months ago the exciting news that Colleen Magarity is joining the JM3 Sports team!  Colleen will be working with JM3 Athletes, helping with women's lacrosse coach education through our JM3 Coach Program and the JM3 Coaches Training Program, as well as providing recruiting opportunities for in the form of showcases and HHH National Teams.

One of our early initiatives has been to work with Colleen, her HHH teams and coaching staffs on integrating the JM3 Principles Based Offense into the HHH program.  Mike O'Neil was in Philly this past week and worked with all of the HHH teams and coaches!  Check out the video montage below from HHH Training sessions of different age groups and various game / drill environments.  

The HHH / JM3 Integration will have three steps

  1. JM3 In person coaching / training with HHH Coaches and Teams in summer and fall
  2. JM3 lead Zoom Calls with HHH Coaching Staff 6x per year
  3. JM3 customized content merging HHH culture and values with JM3 Principles Based Lacrosse for all HHH players, coaches, and parents

Below is the customized content portal for HHH Lacrosse!

Learn from the best through our Virtual Lacrosse Summit Membership and the CTP!

Screenshot on 2022-03-19 at 12:29:08.png


Screenshot on 2022-04-23 at 14:12:22.png


These amazing programs below develop players and teams faster than any other systems out there.

Check them out! 


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Have a great weekend!


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