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Welcome to "A Lacrosse Weekend" my weekly compilation of thoughts, ideas, stories, myths, truths, about the great game of lacrosse. I hope you enjoy it!   

If you are a men's or women's lacrosse player, coach, or parent, I think you will love the weekly content, videos, and analysis.  

Spain Looks

I talk a lot about Spain Looks in my blogs lately and that's because they are very useful to create a stimulus for the offense when a 2man game isn't generating the advantage you're hoping for!  Sometimes the defense is successful versus your 2man games due to poor timing, pressure, spacing, bad reads by the offense or a lack of deception.  Mixing in a quick pick for the picker can create an easy goal!

Below are a couple examples of Spain Looks:


 Here are a couple awesome examples of Spain Looks from a couple weeks ago at out JM3 Girls Training Camp in Denver!


3v3 + Feeder Keep Away Drill

We experimented with this Keep Away variation at our JM3 Colorado Girls Training Camp a few weeks ago in Denver and it helped our girls learn how to easily transition from a Ram Screen to a Spain look.

Drill Set up

  • Feeder starts with the ball while the off ball defenders of the 3v3 deny passes
  • Off ball players in the 3v3 work together to get open.  This is a great opportunity to learn how to seal your own man and communicate to a teammate to use your seal.
  • When the ball gets to a player in the 3v3 the defense is no longer denying passes should mix up two coverages: Switch the pick or pressure and fight over the pick, 
  • When the ball gets to a player in the 3v3 we are looking for a Ram Screen, which is an off ball pick before an on ball pick
  • After the Ram, we taught the girls to pick for the picker which is known as Spain.


Watch the video below and you will see clips in chronological order as the girls began to learn how to think quickly, communicate, read the defense and each other all while handling the ball under pressure.  This drill is a phenomenal way for players to learn a vast amount of concepts!

One thing you will notice is the Spain Slip is usually what will be most open!  When you pick for the picker, there is often a successful switch to the cutter, but there is rarely a successful switch to the picker because the on ball picker's defender, who is being picked, is still wrapped up in the on ball action and that switch / stay scenario. 

Youth Lacrosse Man Down Defense

Last week I coached a JM3 2028 National Team up in Vail and it gave me the opportunity to figure out how to teach all facets of team lacrosse to a bunch of 12 year olds over the course of a tourney, building their understanding and knowledge half by half, game by game and using pre game meetings and film clips to explain our game plans for 6v6,, EMO/EMD, transition, Rides/Clears and face offs. 

Today's blog explains simple yet effective way to shut down the most common Extra Man Offense you will encounter at the youth level.  Most teams in middle school and below will run a 1-3-2 (one behind) because most youth man down defenses play a box and one and it's pretty easy to draw and dump from behind, creating a 3v2 on the wing.  If the X man draws the base defender, very often the wing will get a shot.  If the X defender throws it a little bit earlier to the wing and the base defender plays that pass, the X man can sneak.  Of course the defense can and should rotate, but at the youth level, over and over again we see this EMO look successfully scoring goals.

This defense I call "Terp" because the University of Maryland played our 132 like this in 2001 at the inaugural Denver Pioneer Face Off Classic.  It's basically a string from the crease to X when the ball goes back there, allowing the wings to play the wings and skip passes while one top defender to cover the crease and the other one splits two.  This completely eliminates the easy look most youth EMO's are looking for.  then, once the ball is in front of the net, it's 5v5 with the box and one matching up perfectly (just watch for a sneak!).

Give it a shot! 

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