JM3 Coaches Training Program 

The JM3 Coaches Training Program is designed to provide a one-stop online source that has the tools and content required for a coach at any level to become a Master Lacrosse Coach.


Master Lacrosse Coach: someone who, through their teaching, helps players accelerate their learning and increase their performance. The Master Coach is not an adviser but, rather, a catalyst for for increasing player IQ and sustained skill improvement in the game of lacrosse.

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Youth, Individual Team Package

$397.00 / yr.

Youth Lacrosse Coaching, Practice Planning and Drill Mastery

The Youth Program is geared towards teaching coaches about practice planning, drill set up, drill mastery with an emphasis on terminology and all the skills that can be integrated. In order to be an effective coach, one must master the practice plan which means mastering all the drills and being able to mobilize the players as quickly and effectively as possible. 



High School / College / Program Package

$997.00 / yr.


  • Unlimited access to all JM3 Programs and Content
  • Men's, Women's, Youth Content Access
  • Coaches Training Program
  • Skills and Drills Library
  • Access to all Player Position Academies  
  • Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Complete Access for all Team Players
  • Access for Parents
  • Recruiting 101